Hues of Winter Blues
Winter Style Round-up

Hello and thank you for visiting. I am so glad you are here. My readers are so important to me which is why I want you to know the links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Style round-up time. If you are not following me on Instagram, you have to run over there and follow me for lots of outfit pics and fun giveaways.

Of course I always save a few outfits exclusively for the blog. And what I mean by that, is I don’t have time to post everyday on Instagram so this is a good way to play catch up and show you some looks you haven’t seen before at the same time. (Just being honest)

I love looking back at all the great styles I came up with from my closet over the past few months, but it almost makes me sad that I won’t be able to wear them again because spring is around the corner. I love the color mint and teal and I wear it a lotblue, teal, mint modest outfit ideas for fall and winterI am going to share 9 different looks featuring this lovely color today, even though when I look back at just the outfit pictures I took (because, shockingly I sometimes get dressed and leave the house without taking a photo of it) I probably wore blue about10 more times than I will show you hear.

One of my favorite pieces I found this fall that I did not get to wear enough because South Carolina just doesn’t have too many cold days (not complaining( is this great striped sweater I found at Ross Dress for Less.

blue and black striped aztec print sweater with black pencil denim pencil skirt and bootsLayered it with a long sleeve blue tee shirt and my favorite black denim pencil skirt from  Old Navy. Made it super casual and comfy by adding black leggings and sweater boots from Nine West.

blue and black striped aztec print sweater with black pencil denim pencil skirt and boots modest outfit ideaThese fun sunglasses were left behind at some store in Columbia when I took my children to visit the local zoo and I haven’t seen them since. I foolishly asked my 4 year old to hold them and then forgot she had them, by the time I remembered it was too late to go back. Perks of motherhood I suppose.

I loved the little added detail of wearing this Aztec patterned beaded headband from Claire’s, and of course a black statement necklace went perfectly.

navy cardigan and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall, winter with taupe bootsNext is another layered look, I love this navy blue cardigan so much, and there are so many great ways to wear it, but I couldn’t wait to mix it with this mint pleated skirt from Amazon.

Only $25 you can purchase this fabulous pleated skirt through this link if you love it as much as I do. This mint color is no longer available, but there are several other colors available including leopard, which I think may need to come live in my closet. I thought it was pretty true to size (xl is a 16/18 etc).

navy blue and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall with taupe bootsSo I have been loving these taupe boots from the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohl’s anytime I wear something white this winter. I don’t actually have too much tan or khaki but I think these would go great with these colors also. These boots always make me feel fabulous and put together. For like ten seconds when I check my look in the mirror, then I go back into mom mode. haha

navy blue cardigan and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall with taupe bootsBlue jeweled necklace is from Burke’s Outlet, perfect for pairing with a button up top.

modest black and white polka dot rain boots lookFor an easy rainy day look I pulled out my polka dot rain boots from Shoe Carnival and added some boot socks. This super affordable heart patterned top is from Walmart, and is a great mix of light blue and gray which is a great color mix.

gray and blue heart patterned tee with black and white polka dot rain boots modest outfit ideaThis pencil skirt is an easy slip on style from Old Navy. Found on the clearance rack when searching for a particular pencil skirt at Old Navy that it felt like all my friends were getting. Of course when I finally go to Old Navy it turned out that the skirts were out in the styles that I wanted, but I lucked out anyway finding this great gray skirt for only $8,

An easy side braid to keep my hair together in the humidity, a chunky necklace, and a gray headband to finish off the whole look.

mint ribbed sweater and gray pencil skirt with herringbone vest modest outfit ideaSticking with the mint and gray color scheme, this may be one of my favorite combos from this winter. I found this mint ribbed long sleeve tee shirt at Rue21 for only $5.

Layered my mint tee with this gorgeous herringbone vest from Groopdealz. I really love Groopdealz because they have amazing prices and boutique styles that you can’t find in stores.

mint and herringbone modest outfit idea with bootsThe vest runs a little bit small, but Groopdealz is really great about having very accurate descriptions, and measurements listed for each of their pieces, and they always give a good estimate of how long shipping will take. So just like whenever you order online, be careful of the little details because Groopdealz doesn’t have a brick and mortar location to return to.

Wore a silver bohemian style necklace I purchased for less than $4 from Ebay. I saw a very similar style necklace at World Market that I can’t help but stop by and visit every time I’m in there, but at $40, I’m really pleased with my Ebay version.

mint and black leopart modest fall outfit ideaOh how I love wearing mint, I think we all have certain colors that we’re drawn too. For me I just try to make sure that I do indeed buy colors. I think a lot of us ladies will just constantly wear black if we don’t remind ourselves to buy colors when we are out and about.

This mint and leopard print sleeve top is another great deal from Rue21. Styled this fabulous top with a comfy a-line black skirt from Loft Outlet, and black leather ankle boots from Maruice’s.

black leopard sleeves and mint top with black maxi skirt modest outfit ideaStyled this great top again on a warmer day with a little more curl in my hair and some darker lips.

This time I paired it with a simple black maxi skirt and my bow front flats from Shoe Carnival.

black leopard sleeves and mint #rue21 top with black maxi skirtAdded a silver bib necklace which is also from Ebay. Each season I usually purhchase all the clothes for my family (budget permitting) over the course of 3 or 4 consecutive weekends. That way it is still fresh in my mind what pieces I am trying to get match up and I don’t have to spend 12 weeks shopping for clothes. After I have the majority of the pieces I pick out all the perfect necklaces on Ebay and spend about $20 all at once on jewelry and I’m usually set for the season. Really can’t beat the prices, the shipping time is quite long, but it is worth it to me.

navy and green plaid button up with denim skirt, mint vest and cognac boots, modest outfitI can’t be the only one who gravitates towards the same stores over and over again. This vest is also from Groopdealz. I was desperately hoping to find a mint colored vest while I was out shopping this fall, but the only one I happened across was $150!

It was gorgeous, but I have 6 people to clothe so I left it behind and hoped to find a better deal another day. Groopdealz never disappoints, they sold these vest a few times for less than $30.  I let the deal come and go once before grabbing it the second time t was available on the site.

navy and green plaid button up with denim skirt, mint vest and cognac boots, modest outfit ideaThis navy and green plaid button up is a Walmart find. I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart so occasionally I try to stop over in the clothing department and see what they have their. I find some great pieces at Walmart so checking the clothing is a lot of fun.

This denim skirt is from Cato Fashions, and something I probably bought two winters ago. I prefer the dark wash denim and so far this skirt has held up wonderfully.

I wear this mint necklace quite a lot and can never remember where it is from, although I know I’ve seen a similar one at Target. The boots are also from Groopdealz cause they really have the best prices.

green, mint, and navy layered fall or winter modest outfit ideaThis last look basically came together like this. I was thinking I have this really great green necklace that I wore a few times in the warmer months and now that it is winter I wished I had a green sweater to wear it with, but I did not.

I thought to myself, if I did have a green sweater I would most likely want to wear said sweater over a patterned button up shirt, and then add the necklace. Well being the middle of the winter season, I wasn’t going to head all the way out to the outlet mall or the regular mall just to fine two tops. So (you know what happens next) next time I was at Walmart I found both of these great tops.

green and navy plaid button up shirt with black denim pencil skirt and boots, modest fall or winter outfit ideaAlways check the juniors department if you want to find some stylish pieces at Walmart, the juniors department often has more modern styles in it.

green plaid button up, mint sweater, and navy statement necklace layered fall or winter modest outfit ideaOf course the day I took these outfit pictures I was wearing this layered bib necklace from Burke’s Outlet, but I really did wear it with the green necklace several times.

blue, teal, mint modest outfit ideas for fall and winterNine outfits of blues and mints and greens. I loved them all and I hope you did as well. As the cold weather comes to an end (inevitably, right?) here in SC I am going to be posting more winter round-ups so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to pin any looks you love here or share this blog with a friend. Appreciate your support; until next time!


Christmas In Red
3 More Holiday Styles

Hello and thank you for visiting. I am so glad you are here. My readers are so important to me which is why I want you to know the links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are spending your day doing something memorable.

I know that I already shared my Burke’s Holiday Style and My Gold Holiday Style and my 12 Days of Modest Christmas Style, but I am back again, for one more Christmas style post.

I am definitely cool tones kind of girl. I love mint and teal and ice blue and silver, but it’s hard to get through the holiday season without at least one great red sweater outfit, or in my case 3.

I was very fortunate to have a lot of reasons to get dressed up in festive attire this season, and even better I get to share it with you.

embellished white peter pan top with red cardigan and silver gray skirt, modest christmas outfit ideaHere’s a great and easy outfit I just loved. I am such a lover of cardigans and Peter Pan Collars, and I was so excited when I found a few great tops at Loft outlet with Peter Pan style collars. It was hard to pick just one, but in the end I ended up with this super versatile, jewel collared shell.

Why do I torture myself with beautiful hard to wash pieces? Oh, that’s right because they are beautiful!!

red and silver peter pan collar modest holiday outfit ideaIt’s not all red and green for the holiday season. Silver is such a great color or even gray. I loved this skirt because it is super comfortable and has a great length so I don’t have to fuss with it all the time to feel comfortable.

Plus, this great skirt from JCPenney has a bit of a sparkle to it that is even greater in person than in these photos, making it wonderful for holiday events, and a little more dressed up than your typical pencil skirt.

red and white and silver easy modest holiday outfit ideaThis pairing of red and white and silver with these perfect gray shoes by

Aerosoles was perfect for a morning singing a Christmas song with the choir at my church.

I added some bright red lip gloss a statement necklace and the perfect gray headband (also from Loft) and this look was complete.

My next look is another casual Christmas look featuring this gorgeous fair isle print sweater from Rue21. It was only $10 and has been on sale for weeks, so I hope you get yourself one.

red and black and white fairisle sweater with black and white striped skirt, modest holiday outfit idea This is what I am planning on wearing today while my kids open up gifts. I layered this sweater over a red and black plaid button up top I recently found on a hunt for affordable tops from Walmart. (Read about that excursion here, lots of cute tops to be had). Layering sweaters over button up tops is definitely a go to for me this fall (and into the winter).

red christmas sweater with black and white striped skirt, easy modest Christmas outfitThis black and white pencil skirt has an elastic waist band, which, I believe, is critical during a proper Christmas dinner. I found it at the perfect bargain price at Banana Republic at our nearest outlet mall location. Yes, I hit a few clearance spots on Black Friday this year. I only bought 7 things for myself ll weekend, I was good. This skirt was a definite wishlist item, but now I don’t think I can justify buying a dress in the exact same print, so there is that one drawback. This skirt is really classy  and really comfortable, I could (and probably will) wear it all the time.

sparkly red sweater, tassel necklace and red boot socks, modest outfit ideaIt’s hard to believe that I live in the southern part of the country when you see all the layers I’ve been wearing. One day I’ll adjust, but I just got here and I still associate fall with sweater weather, though I think a sweater has only been justified about 2 times, no need to say how many sweaters I have worn when it was way to warm.

red and black modest christmas outfit ideaIt was another choir performance, and to be honest I wasn’t too concerned with what I was going to wear. I figured it was going to be cold and outside and I would just throw something together. Then at the last practice a few people were discussing what they would wear, and I realized perhaps I cared too little what I would wear. I try to love everything I buy that way when it is time to get dressed the hardest thing decide is which beautiful thing to neglect that day. I didn’t have time or money to go out and shop and it turns out I loved what I pulled together anyway.

red sweater and black pencil skirt modest christmas outfit ideaRed sweater with embellished sleeves is from Kohl’s and black button up is a clearance find from Cato Fashions. Since I’ve started sharing my outfits on my blog I realize that a lot of it is from the clearance section, girl’s gotta save though right?

Black pencil skirt is from a yard sale and the boots are also from Cato Fashions. My new favorite and super affordable everyday headband is from Walmart. I like it because it is accessible and affordable, because I have a tendency to break a lot of headbands.

My red watch has a sparky thin band and is also from Cato Fashions. Perfect for every single holiday event I have this season. This watch is great and is another piece I am going to wear over and over again.

These red boot socks may have been a little too long for this look, but I didn’t let that stop me. I looked a lot of places for lace topped boot socks but really didn’t find any, so I ended up getting these ones from Amazon.








Twelve Days of Modest Christmas Outfits
Style Challenge and Giveaway On Instagram!

Hey everybody it is the Christmas season and I have teamed up with 11 fashion bloggers to collaborate on Christmas outfit challenge and the party is over on Instagram! If you are not following me on Instagram yet you are missing a lot, but you are definitely going to want to head over to Instagram and check out this outfit challenge.

12 days of modest christmas outfit ideasEach of us bloggers will be posting outfits as we countdown to Christmas and I am absolutely certain that there will be some gorgeous Christmas Outfits to be seen. If you are over on Instagram I hope you can play along by posting your outfit with the hashtag #12daysofmodestchristms.

12 days of modest christmas outfit style promptsIf you’ve never done a style challenge on Instagram what is great about them is they are open to a little interpretation. You can participate as much or as seldom as you like, or just browse through the hashtag to see what everyone came up with.

If beautiful outfits from beautiful ladies wasn’t enough to get you excited, don’t worry there’s more.

Giveaways! Twelve days of giveaways one from each day from each of the bloggers so make sure you are following each one of us so you can play along, all the way ’til Christmas!

Here are a list of the bloggers Instagram Pages so you can follow along with each of us.

Day 12: Mistletoe and Tulle

Featured Kari over on Skirts_and_heels_

kari skirs_and_heels_Kari always has something beautiful to share! Check out her Instagram Page to see what she came up with for the Mistletoe Tulle prompt and enter her giveaway!

Day 11: Cozy Cutie will feature Liz from DowntownDemure

liz downtowndemureThis lovely lady will be sure to come up with something cozy and classy on day 11 of the countdown. Check out her Instagram Page on December 14th to see what she came up with for the Cozy Cutie prompt and enter her giveaway!

Day 10: Beauty in a Beanie will feature Diana from DressedbyDiana

diana dressed by dianaThis beautiful girl can definitely rock a hat so make sure you check out her Instagram Page on December 15th to see what she comes up with for the style prompt, and enter her giveaway.

Day 9: Gorgeous in Green will feature a look and giveaway from Emily on Instagram Page Lovely_Deseret

emily lovely_deseretThe gorgeous Emily will be doing a Christmas look in green and a giveaway on December 16th. Make sure you are following her Instagram Page so you can follow along and enter her giveaway, she is sure to show us something lovely.

Day 8: Winter Wonderland White will be done by Steph and Nicole over on their Instagram page PKidChicksFashion

steph and nicole pkidchicksfashionEverything these girls post is amazing, they never disappoint. Make sure you are following their Instagram page on December 17th to see what they come up with in winter wonderland white and enter their giveaway.

Day 7: Blanket Scarf Babe: Will Feature Heather from Savvy_Skirt_Girl

Heather Savvy Skirt GirlFollow Heather’s Instagram page for constant gorgeous outfits and December 18th she will be featuring her Blanket Scarf look and a small giveaway. Don’t miss it.

Day 6: Casual Christmas will follow yours truly. So make sure you are following me on Instagram so you don’t miss the giveaway

ashley smartnsavvymomIt is going to be my daughter’s birthday, so I’m not sure how I figured out that would be a great day to do a little extra work on Instagram, but it is going to be a lot of fun. A casual Christmas outfit is right up my alley even though I do enjoy being super dressed up. I will be having my giveaway on December 19th over on my Instagram, follow me and check back on that day to enter the giveaway.

Day 5: Sassy With Sequins will feature a look and giveaway from Keara over on her Instagram Page Modest_Style

keara modest_styleEverybody can use some sequins in their wardrobe. Follow Keara on Instagram to catch her sequin look and giveaway on December 20th.

Day 4: Mad for Plaid will feature a look and giveaway from the lovely Melissa on her Instagram page Melbella14

melissa melbella14Melissa is constantly posting outfits I adore and will definitely be sharing something great, plus a giveaway, what more could you want. Make sure you are following Melissa on her Instagram Page on December 21st to see her outfit and giveaway.

Day 3: Ravishing in Red will feature a look and giveaway on the Lauren_ModernModesty Instagram page.

lauren_modernmodestyYou can also follow Lauren on her blog Modern1Modesty, but make sure you are following her on Instagram on December 22nd to see her look and enter her giveaway.

Day 2: Silver Belle Beauty will feature a look and giveaway from Alee over on her Instagram page: ObsessionExpression.

alee obsession expressionYou can follow her on her blog as well: ObsessionExpression.

Don’t miss her look and giveaway on December 23rd on her Instagram Page!

Day 1: Holiday Sparkle. The final feature and giveaway will be done by Ashley over on her Instagram page ModestlyHot

ashley modestlyhotI love Ashley’s style, and must tell you that she was the one who decided that we should do a collaboration and giveaway of some type in the first place. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with and I bet you can’t either so be sure to be following her on Christmas Eve (December 24th) to see her look and enter her giveaway.

You can also keep up with Ashley on her blog:

Day 0: The big day is here and hopefully you have picked an outfit by  now, with a little help from myself and my friends.

Please share your holiday outfit using the hashtag – #12daysofmodestchristmas so we can see what lovely outfit you come up with.

Can’t wait to see your outfits and share my own.

See you there!