Beautiful in Vintage
Styling Pieces from @Nafiinu

Recently had a chance to collaborate with this really great Instagram Shop @Nafiinu . They sent me a couple of gorgeous pieces and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Modest vintage style with floral prints from @nafiinuI had such a fun time styling these two pieces. I received a floral dress and a floral print skirt from @naffinu and then went and played dress up at the park. Isn’t blogging fun?

pink, green and red floral print vintage thrifted skirt with blush pink button up and ankle strap heels; modest spring outfitOne of the great things about shopping resale shops is that you get to have the most unique things. This floral print is absolutely gorgeous, but also it is not like anything I’ve seen.

I really felt like this was a versatile piece and could think of a dozen ways to style it, but for now I’ve kept it to just 3.

pink, green and red floral print thrifted skirt with blush pink button up and ankle strap heels; modest spring outfitWent with a classic pink button up that I actually found at Walmart of all places. Our family does most of our grocery shopping their so I’m always on the look out for little stylish gems when I am there. (Depending on how many children have come along).

blush pink clutch from Cato fashions, dainty jewels and floral print skirt, modest outfitPicked up this super cute wristlet in blush pink from Cato Fashions for less than $13. Also, where I live in South Carolina all the Cato Fashion stores are located near Walmart so I stumble in there a little more than I should, but they have great deals, so I love it there.

favorite style with this skirt. Blush pink button up with floral print skirt. Modest outfit ideaThese ankle strap shoes with the jewels are another Cato Fashion find! They have great prices on shoes, I actually got this pair in black as well. The heel is low enough that I feel fabulous, but I can still (kind of) keep up with my littles.

blush pink button up top with blush pink ankle strap heels and red, pink, green, and black floral print skirt. modest outfit ideaPink headband is from Walmart and necklace is from ebay (only $5). I love getting jewelry from Ebay, but you have to be willing to wait… and wait.

red and green floral print skirt. Vintage thrifted with white and red cardigan. modest outfit ideaThis skirt has so many great colors in it, it is almost tropical. For the first look I played up the softness of the pink flowers, and for this look I paired it with red. I thought this look was also very classy.

Another way to dress up this great skirt.

red and green floral print skirt. Vintage thrifted with white and red cardigan. modest fashionAdded a little sparkle to my hair with a red headband and a dainty necklace since the peter pan collar on this shirt already has jewels on it. I like a big statement necklace, but the collar makes a statement all on it’s own. My sleeveless white top is from Loft Outlet.

Actually, my red cardigan is a Goodwill find from last summer, that my husband picked up for me in my absence during a wardrobe emergency (if such a thing exist.)

red and green floral print skirt. Vintage thrifted with white and red cardigan. modest outfit idea.I really like the full and pleated style of this skirt. If there were any downside to dealing with this shop it was that the clothes turned out to be a bit ill fitting. I am not sure if they were a bit generous in their sizing, but this had quite a few extra inches around the waist that had to be dealt with before it fit well.

Classic red Mary Jane’s to finish off this look.

modest vintage floral dress, with cognac belt and cognac fringe boots. super girly flowy dress loved itBefore we talk about the 3rd look featuring that great skirt, let’s stop for a second and take a look at this amazing dress.

I had such a fun time with these photos.

modest vintage floral dress, with cognac belt and cognac fringe boots. Modest outfit ideaThe skirt of this dress was so long and flowy and had really great movement I really wanted to capture it on my still shots, and I love how the pictures turned out.

The floral print on this dress had a mix of colors, but the yellow in the print made me opt for the cognac accents.

modest vintage floral dress, with cognac belt and cognac fringe bootsThese boots are some of my favorites, I love the color and I love the fringe. These boots are from Kohl’s and are part of the JLo collection by Jennifer Lopez, I find I fall in love with a couple pairs of shoes from her collection every season, same for the Fergalicous line by Fergie; they always have great designs.

modest vintage floral dress, with cognac belt and cognac bootsI felt like the styling on this dress was a little more limited and this was by far my favorite look. If you can sew (which I cannot) the possibilities with thrifted pieces are so much more diverse.

I did come up with three styles for this dress that were lovely though.

Vintage floral modest dress from Instagram shop. Modest style with hot pink cardigan and hot pink heels perfect for springThis dress is a little shapeless through the midsection so I found that adding a belt helped greatly with fit.

The floral print had some dark pink in it, and I’m always looking for any excuse to wear these hot pink shoes I scored for $7 at the end of summer clearance last year at Rack Room Shoes.

Vintage floral modest dress from Instagram shop. Modest style with hot pink cardigan and hot pink heelsThe heat and humidity were killer and it shows in my hair and in the shine on my face, but we stuck it out and got some great photos of this gorgeous dress.

I still have not adjusted to living in this southern heat. I am enjoying summer as much as I can while also enjoying the knowledge that fall is right around the corner. I never thought I’d be looking forward to the cool of an eighty degree day.

Fabulous Vintage floral modest dress from Instagram shop. Modest style with hot pink cardigan and hot pink heelsMore pink for the last look featuring this dress.

I love blush pink for summer, or light pink, or baby pink, or whatever the fashion goddesses are calling it this week.

modest thrifted instagram shop, featuring this floral print dress styled with light summer pink sweater and shoesForgot to take my glasses off you guys, owning it.

Sweater is from Loft outlet and necklace is from New York and Company.

blush pink and vintage floral dress #thriftedWhite watch with floral print around the face was the perfect accent to this outfit. They have this watch in 3 colors on

modes spring and summer outfit idea. Floral print dress with light pink sweaterThese shoes will forever go with this wristlet.

This dress left much to be desired on the hanger but adding a little shape and color with the perfect sweater or belt was enough to give this dress great style. You have to look beyond the hanger sometimes.

modern style with vintage pieces. Red, pink, green and black floral skirt with black top and statement necklace. Summer Modest fashionGiving this skirt a little night life in this last look featuring these gorgeous pieces from Instagram Shop @Nafiinu.

Added a black top with a chiffon flutter sleever from Dress Barn, and sparkly heels from Payless and this super cute black sequin wristlet from the Target One Spot.

modern style with vintage pieces. Red, pink, green and black floral skirt with black top and statement necklace. Modest fashionI believe this great bracelet from Kohl’s made into several of the looks from this shoot. I really like it, and to be honest, I wear it all the time.

modern style with vintage pieces. Red, pink, green and black floral skirt with black top and statement necklace. Summer Modest fashion.Always love this great necklace from Rue21, it’s a great addition to a solid colored simple top or dress.

Going to be adding lots of summer style in the next few weeks so make sure and check back for new post.

Next one is going to be this Monday. In the meantime make sure to follow me on Instagram for fun and fashion.



Full and Pleated White and Pink Floral Skirt 2 Ways

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I have been loving this beautiful spring weather. I love bright colors and full skirts so I could not pass up this gorgeous skirt when I came upon it recently while shopping at Dress Barn.

full and pleated white and pink floral skirt, modest outfit ideaThe large floral print of this skirt is a mix of bright and dark pinks and bright and dark greens. I love that it comes in a large range of sizes, I know that I sometimes feel like I can find the cutest skirts in little boutiques, but as a curvier girl they don’t always even go up to a large or an extra large.

white and hot pink floral skirt modest outfit ideaOf course for me, because I love color, my first thought when I saw this skirt was, “How amazing would this be with more pink?!”

Really I couldn’t wait to get this home and style it with my bright pink tank I purchased from Dress Barn last summer.

White cardigan, pink tank/shell with pleated white and pink floral skirt, modest outfitFor an easy style mix I layered on a white short sleeve cardigan and a white pearl bib necklace.

Of course these hot pink shoes I scored for only $7 at Rack Room shoes, were the perfect finishing touch to this look.

white cardigan, hot pink top, bright pink shoes and white and pink floral pleated skirt from dress barn, modest outfit ideaI am excited to wear this skirt over and over again all spring and summer, I have several great ideas to style it, but this was definitely the first way I wanted to wear it.

black peter pan collar top and pink and white floral print pleated skirt with black sparkle heels, modest outfit ideaShared this look a week or two ago on my Instagram account (are you following me yet?) and I was fortunate enough to have it featured on the Dress Barn Instagram page and website which was pretty awesome.

You can check out the Dress Barn Instagram page HERE and check out the outfit feature on their website here.

black top with pink and white pleated floral print spring time skirt. modest outfit ideaTook a few quick outfit pictures on the way to church in this outfit on a rainy Sunday morning. I wish I had gotten a close up of the great sequin peter pan collar on this black 3/4 sleeve top from Ann Taylor Loft.

Because of the collar on this top, I don’t like to style it with a bib necklace even those are my favorite, so I wore this black tassel necklace that I found recently for $5 at Walmart.

black top with pink and white floral skirt modest outfit ideaFinished off this look with these great sparkly black heels from Payless, that I picked up around Christmas time when a friend told me about them.

These shoes are sparkly all over adding a dressed up look to any outfit, but the heel is low enough that I can be comfortable in them all day. s

Here’s the link to this gorgeous skirt on the Dress Barn website if you want to check it out.

Have a wonderful week.

Until next time,


Beautiful Blue Swing Dress
Perfect for Spring

I am so excited to share this dress with you. I love the warm weather that we have been fortunate enough to have here in South Carolina. I love being able to pack up my knee high boots and wear pastels.

The hunt is on for gorgeous spring items at super affordable prices. This great swing dress I am wearing in light blue is so great and is available in a variety of colors from for only $16.99 plus shipping.
blue swing dress from, super comfy easy modest dressSeems like everyone is always raving about these very comfortable dresses, and I know why. They are so easy and breathable and perfect for layering.modest spring swing dress in pastel blue

Also what is amazing about these dresses is that they have sleeves! I love that. It seems impossible to find a comfortable dress with sleeves.

I don’t always mind a sleeveless dress, but sleeves just makes everything easier.

modest swing dress in the perfect shade of pastel blue. Great for springIf you love a high neck line than these swing dresses from Jane are great for you. Seems like everyone is buying these in the long sleeve variety, but as a more recent South Carolina resident, I couldn’t abide by the idea of long sleeves in the upcoming spring and summer months. It is so hot here you guys, it is not funny.

layering my pastel blue spring swing dress with navy blue cardigan and bib necklace. Modest outfit ideaI chose to layer mine because it was a little cool on the evening I wore it out and the material is a little thin depending on what you are wearing underneath this dress.

short sleeve blue modest swing dress for springThis dress can be dressed up or down. It’s so super comfortable, it really feels like the world’s greatest, softest, stretchiest pajamas. They sell out fast on Jane, I was going to get another one in Coral and missed out, luckily they are still an affordable $35 on the Caralese website.

navy blue and pastel blue modest swing dress spring outfit idea. Teacher outfit ideaIt does wrinkle a little bit due to the flowy-ness (why isn’t that a real word?) of the material at the bottom. It made it through shipping and life with 4 kids and managed to look just like this the whole day so it is a win for me.

My navy wedges from Life Stride shoe are my favorite easy comfortable navy blue shoes. I sometimes convince myself I need one more pair of shoes in Navy, but then I stop myself (why do I do that?). These shoes are so comfortable I can chase my kids around in them for hours.

Do you have a swing dress yet? If not head on over to Jane and see if you can catch one before they are gone.

If yes, what is your favorite way to style it?


Striking in Stripes
Black and White Stripe Outfit Lookbook

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You ever look through your closet and find that you have way over purchased one print or color? Well if that print is black and white stripes, I am here to help you out with 9 different looks featuring the monochromatic print.

striking in stripes modest outfit lookbook and outfit ideasToday I am compiling and looking back at some of my favorite moments in black and white stripes.

I have a few patterns that I wear a lot, and stripes is definitely one of them as well as floral print and polka dots.

Black and white prints are so easy on a grab and go day. They go with every color or you can always just throw on a black cardigan or top and still feel pretty and put together. I have mentioned before that getting dressed helps me to feel motivated. Guarantee if you find me in my pajamas at 10am I have not gotten anything done. It’s good to have some basic pieces that mix together fast and easy for hectic days.

old navy black and white striped dress with black cardigan easy modest outfitThis knee length dress is from Old Navy, and hit me right at the knee. I’m just over 5’3″ so it is a bit easier for me to find dresses that hit me at the length that I prefer. I have no idea what the struggles are of a tall person.

black and white striped easy modest outfit ideaThis super cute fit and flare dress, was a very comfortable cotton blend that is very breathable. This dress is so easy to dress up or down, can’t say enough good things about this dress.

Necklace: Rue21

Shoes: Maurices

polka dot chambray with black and white stripe a line skirt, modest outfit ideaI don’t know where to start with this look. This really affordable polka dot chambray top is from Walmart. They have really stepped up there style game. We’re most all going to be at Walmart at some point, and if you find yourself there, then you must at least walk through the clothing section, they have some gems.

polka dot chambray shirt with black and white striped skirt, easy modest outfit ideaStriped a-line skirt is from Cato Fashions, another one of my favorite places to shop, because it is always conveniently located and filled with skirts! I love skirts, I am really trying to branch out to more dresses, but I’m truly a #skirtgirl all the way.

Boots on repeat from Maurices and a simple white bib necklace from Burke’s outlet to complete this look.

red and black and gold nail artI attempted to do some buffalo plaid with my nails, which completely failed. However the finished product was still cute enough to share, even if it didn’t end up looking exactly like what I was going for.

dressed up denim, leopard print heels, striped tee, statement necklace and black blazer

Using stripes in my dressed up denim look with this great thick striped top from Target.

Layered my striped top underneath a black blazer (Walmart) and my gorgeous statement necklace (Rue21).

suede hat, striped tee, statement necklace and denim skirt, for an easy dressed up denim look, modest outfitI do love to accessorize so I added this great cuff from Burke’s outlet and leopard print heels from Poshmark. I love Poshmark, so many great finds on that site. Poshmark has a lot of previously used women’s clothing, handbags and purses. They even have designer names if you are into that.

Make sure if you are shopping on Poshmark you use my code “PDSMN” when you download the app to save $10 off your first purchase. I got these leopard print lovelies for only $8 on Poshmark.

Hat is from Loft Outlet, which I purchased during a great store wide sale.

easy modest dressy denim lookEven without the hat I really loved everything about this look. I love dark washed denim and this skirt is my favorite denim skirt from Cato Fashions.

black and white striped maxi with burgundy/maroon and camel cardiganI like to wear maxi skirts when I am planning a day of being out and about with my children. Wore this to teach the little 3 and 4 year old Sunday evening class at my church, and as I recall stayed all clean that evening.

easy, casual, modest. burgundy and camel with black and whiteThis burgundy cap sleeve top is from loft and actually has a  zipper at the back collar. My camel colored cardigan came from my go to place for cardigans New York and Company outlet. They always have cardigans in an array of colors.

easy, simple black and white striped maxi with burgundy/maroon and camel cardiganStriped maxi was a wishlist item from an trip to J. Crew. I could not stop thinking about this skirt. It wasn’t on the list of things I was planning on purchasing that day so I left it behind. Later though, I was able to get it with a coupon during a sale (yay!) and I really love it.

Added my favorite bow pendant necklace from Kohl’s and some beaded bracelets to complete this look.

Kate spade, black and white stripes and red and black buffalo plaid outfit inspoOkay guys can we talk about Poshmark again? I love Coach and Michael Kors, but I was really wanting a Kate Spade bag. I went looking at the Kate Spade website and then at my wallet and decided that it was okay to love things we would never own haha.

After explaining to my husband about the Poshmark app, I had showed him the Kate Spade bag I wanted was even on their! Still a little bit out of my price range, but still nearly half of what Kate Spade had it listed for on clearance. It ended up costing less than my slightly smaller bag from Coach outlet.

Did I mention that you save $10 when you download the Poshmark app and enter my code “PDSMN” ?! I hope you check it out and find something amazing.

red and black buffalo plaid with black and white stripes, perfect pattern mixing and modest outfit ideaBuffalo plaid and black and white stripes, on of my favorite ways to mix patterns. Stripes go with everything.

modest pattern mixing, striped a line skirt with red and black buffalo plaidBlack bib necklace is from Rue21 and belt is from a few years ago (Kohl’s).

buffalo plaid easy outfit with black and white stripe skirt, kate spade bow front bag and leather booties, modest outfit inspoClassic bow front Kate Spade style bag, goes with everything and I never get tired of carrying it.

herringbone vest with black and white striped knee length dress from old navy, red statement necklace modest outfit ideaSwitched it up with the same dress from the first look in this post. Added some red jewelry and a herringbone vest, as well as dark tights for a cooler night out with my hubby.

herringbone vest with black and white striped knee length dress from old navy modest outfit ideaI just love the herringbone style vest and was able to get it at a great discount at Really I just love the Jane website and have loved everything I have received from them, with little exception.

black and white striped midi dress with yellow cardigan modest dressideaWhile we are talking about things I love from Jane, how about all things from the Sign Here Vinyl Shop. (Oh and Lucy and Lyla).

This tee shirt dress is the perfect weight and length for cooler days.

black and white striped midi dress with yellow cardigan modest outfit ideaAdded a pop of color with my cardigan and some jewelry and I was completely styled in an instant.

simple, easy modest outfit idea, black peter pan collar top with aztec black and white striped skirtThis is starting to seem like a serious problem, cause I’m hooked on saving money. This skirt is from too. Yes, really. They have such great stuff at such great prices, and it is always so unique and different from what you see at brick and mortar retail places. I don’t know, I like being the only girl with the things I have in my closet.

Except for you guys, I want you to also have all the things. So head over to Jane and see what you love.

black and white striped tee shirt dress with mint cardigan sweater, teacher outfit ideaThis striped dress is so gorgeous, and current and should be appearing on Jane a few more times as per usual with that lovely site. They often have things 3 or 4 times a season so if you love something and you missed it, it may not be too late. I often check the sneak peaks on the Jane app (they become available around 4pm eastern time) so that I know to shop early if they are going to be selling something that I like.

This striped dress is actually charcoal and white and is short sleeve and light weight and I love, love, love it.

Get all the details on this lovely dress on the full blog post HERE. Striped dress from Jane Review.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back tomorrow, when I will be featuring a great swing dress that will be available at one of my favorite discount clothing site for only a few days.


Styling and Reviewing this Lovely Striped Dress from
Available Now

Hello and thank you for visiting. I am so glad you are here. My readers are so important to me which is why I want you to know the links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If I haven’t gushed enough about how I love on my Instagram (click here if you are not following me yet, cause I don’t want you to miss anything) I super love this website.

I have never had any trouble with an order and I have always loved everything that I have received.

Today, they have these gorgeous striped dresses for sale for only $21.99. I recently purchased one of these lightweight tee shirt dresses in the charcoal striped and loved it so much I wanted to show you how great this dress is while it is available for purchase on Jane.

black and white striped tee shirt dress with mint cardigan sweater, teacher outfit ideaJane is a third party website that brings deals to people like you and me at a great discount off of retail, but their sales are only available for a limited time. Usually around 4 days. These dresses just went live on Jane today so there is still time to get yours before they are gone.

Daily Boutique Deals

You can click here to go to Jane and take a look at all the styles this beautiful dress comes in. They have thick stripes and thin stripes, red, and navy. By itself the dress may feel like it is a bit plain I will admit, but it such a great layering piece. Add a belt, or a statement necklace, and some great shoes and you are all set to go.

I highly recommend this dress. I can’t say enough about how outrageously comfortable it is. I hope if you get one you will love it as much as I do.

black and white striped tee shirt dress with mint cardigan sweater, modest outfit ideaOkay, so let’s talk about my dress specifically. I actually bought the charcoal and white striped style of this dress. They have a variety of colors, but black and white stripes are something I’ve been obsessing over so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this style dress straight from my style wish list. Also my other tee shirt dress with black and white stripes is just too heavy for the upcoming warm weather.

perfect spring striped tee shirt dress, black and white strped dress with mint sweater and mint necklace, modest spring fashionThe stripes aren’t true black as the description stated but more of a dark grey, which is still beautiful. The charcoal gives it more of a sprig feel anyway, which is great for the warm weather, also it perhaps leaves room for me to buy a black and white striped dress before the summer is over. (I’m joking, but it could really happen)

great deal on this black and white striped modest tee shirt dress from janeEverybody always wants to know when ordering online, “Is this true to size?”

Great question, because the return window is small. Yes these particular dresses are true to size. I usually wear a large or an extra large. I bought this dress from in an extra large, and it is a perfect relaxed fit.

The shipping does take longer than shopping retail, which is why I always say, if you want it, you should just get it now. Don’t wait for the sale to come around again, because you could be enjoying it all that time. I like to buy as many of my spring items as I can when the season begins because I want to wear them over and over.

IMG_0688-002My first thought when I got this dress out of the packaging was to pair it with mint, because I love that color.

Everything is pastels for spring and summer and that is just perfect with me.

This mint cardigan is from Old Navy it is a purchase from last year, but I noticed this hi-low cardigan available for purchase on their website the other day, so you can still get it there if you love it.

These mint wedges are from Shoe Carnival, and are also a purchase from last year. They are available in several colors and if my budget wasn’t the master of my closet I would have bought them in all the colors, they are so stylish and comfortable.

striped dresses on jane.comHere’s a look at a few of the other styles you can get from today

This dress is actually available in 8 different styles and goes all the sizes range all the way from a 0/2 all the way up to an 18/20 (xxl)! That always excites me, because I am a curvy girl and a lot of boutique clothes stop one size short of fitting me.

Can’t wait to share more ways I styled this awesome dress with you all spring and summer. If you have styled this dress and posted it on Instagram, please feel free to tag me in your Instagram comments because I would love to see it. (My Instagram username is @smartnsavvymom).

Happy Wednesday all!

See you next time!

Floral Chiffon Arrow Skirt 3 Ways
Perfect for Spring

floral chiffon arrow skirt from rue21 styled 3 modest ways for springI know that one of the challenges of having a beautiful updated wardrobe is trying to find beautiful items at a great price.

One question I receive a lot concerning my style is “Where?” Seems people are always trying to find out where items were purchased and how recently. I love to share my daily styles with you over on Instagram. (Let’s connect!)

Of course building a wardrobe is always about mixing your existing items with a few great new ones every season, and I have found a great and beautiful new piece for spring.

teal and coral floral chiffon skirt from rue21 paired with teal blouse, modest outfit idea

This floral chiffon arrow skirt from Rue21 is only $18.99 and it is so lovely. I could think quickly of a half dozen ways to style it when I came upon it in the store and in case you needed some ideas on how to style a skirt like this I am going to show you the 3 ways I first chose to style this skirt.

teal blouse with mint and coral floral print chiffon arrow maxi skirt, modest outfit ideaI love the flow of this skirt in the warm spring breeze. This skirt is lightweight and has a knee length lining, and a wide elastic waist band for a comfortable fit.

My first though when I saw this skirt was to pair it with mint or teal, but to be honest that is usually my first thought with most skirts. I just love mint and teal, always have.

teal sandals and teal top with mint and coral chiffon arrow maxi, modest outfit ideaThe base of the skirt is more of an off white, or beige color, so I added this great cream bib necklace onto this teal blouse I purchased last summer from Kohl’s. The blouse went perfectly with these teal platform wedges I found last summer at Cato Fashions. They don’t appear to be selling these great shoes again this year but I saw a great pair of sling back platform wedges in a similar color for only $11.99!


beige lace top with mint and coral chiffon arrow maxi, modest outfit ideaFor my second look, I grabbed this great scalloped lace beige tee from Walmart. You can find it online at, they have several colors available, the one pictured above is the color “fruit khaki.”

scalloped lace beige tee and mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit

This skirt is such a fun style. If you are not going for a contrasting look and you have a busy print like this, what I like to do is try to pick one or two colors from the skirt to coordinate with.

For this look the beige top picks up on the base color of the skirt as well as the waist band.

This pink bib necklace from New York and Company is as close to the coral color as I currently have, but I love the way it looks with this outfit.

scalloped lace beige tee and mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit for springThis skirt is so elegant with such a relaxed feel to it. It hit me just at my ankle in the front and back. The sides come up which create the arrow shape referred to in the name of the skirt from Rue21.

Nude sling back heels finished off another great look with this skirt. coral button up top with mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit idea I have had this coral button up top in my closet for longer than I am willing to admit. This top is a barely worn Target find from ages ago and went perfectly with this skirt.

This coral color is everywhere right now, so even though this top is not recent, finding a new top in this color will not be challenging this spring.

coral, orrange pink button up top with mint and coral chiffon maxi skirt modest outfitGot my teal platform sandals again and this time went with a simple pendant, tassel necklace with turquoise color. This necklace is from Burke’s Outlet (I still love that store).

coral button up, teal pendant tassel necklace, platform wedges with coral and mint chiffon maxi skirt modest outfit This is going to be an easy go to skirt for all of spring. Rue21 also has this style of skirt available in black and bright orange, if you are feeling a solid kind of vibe.

I think this will be a great skirt if you are going on vacation, super comfy and you are going to look amazing in all those photos you post on social media.

What is your favorite new clothing article you have found for spring?

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!


Hues of Winter Blues
Winter Style Round-up

Hello and thank you for visiting. I am so glad you are here. My readers are so important to me which is why I want you to know the links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Style round-up time. If you are not following me on Instagram, you have to run over there and follow me for lots of outfit pics and fun giveaways.

Of course I always save a few outfits exclusively for the blog. And what I mean by that, is I don’t have time to post everyday on Instagram so this is a good way to play catch up and show you some looks you haven’t seen before at the same time. (Just being honest)

I love looking back at all the great styles I came up with from my closet over the past few months, but it almost makes me sad that I won’t be able to wear them again because spring is around the corner. I love the color mint and teal and I wear it a lotblue, teal, mint modest outfit ideas for fall and winterI am going to share 9 different looks featuring this lovely color today, even though when I look back at just the outfit pictures I took (because, shockingly I sometimes get dressed and leave the house without taking a photo of it) I probably wore blue about10 more times than I will show you hear.

One of my favorite pieces I found this fall that I did not get to wear enough because South Carolina just doesn’t have too many cold days (not complaining( is this great striped sweater I found at Ross Dress for Less.

blue and black striped aztec print sweater with black pencil denim pencil skirt and bootsLayered it with a long sleeve blue tee shirt and my favorite black denim pencil skirt from  Old Navy. Made it super casual and comfy by adding black leggings and sweater boots from Nine West.

blue and black striped aztec print sweater with black pencil denim pencil skirt and boots modest outfit ideaThese fun sunglasses were left behind at some store in Columbia when I took my children to visit the local zoo and I haven’t seen them since. I foolishly asked my 4 year old to hold them and then forgot she had them, by the time I remembered it was too late to go back. Perks of motherhood I suppose.

I loved the little added detail of wearing this Aztec patterned beaded headband from Claire’s, and of course a black statement necklace went perfectly.

navy cardigan and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall, winter with taupe bootsNext is another layered look, I love this navy blue cardigan so much, and there are so many great ways to wear it, but I couldn’t wait to mix it with this mint pleated skirt from Amazon.

Only $25 you can purchase this fabulous pleated skirt through this link if you love it as much as I do. This mint color is no longer available, but there are several other colors available including leopard, which I think may need to come live in my closet. I thought it was pretty true to size (xl is a 16/18 etc).

navy blue and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall with taupe bootsSo I have been loving these taupe boots from the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohl’s anytime I wear something white this winter. I don’t actually have too much tan or khaki but I think these would go great with these colors also. These boots always make me feel fabulous and put together. For like ten seconds when I check my look in the mirror, then I go back into mom mode. haha

navy blue cardigan and mint pleated skirt modest outfit idea for fall with taupe bootsBlue jeweled necklace is from Burke’s Outlet, perfect for pairing with a button up top.

modest black and white polka dot rain boots lookFor an easy rainy day look I pulled out my polka dot rain boots from Shoe Carnival and added some boot socks. This super affordable heart patterned top is from Walmart, and is a great mix of light blue and gray which is a great color mix.

gray and blue heart patterned tee with black and white polka dot rain boots modest outfit ideaThis pencil skirt is an easy slip on style from Old Navy. Found on the clearance rack when searching for a particular pencil skirt at Old Navy that it felt like all my friends were getting. Of course when I finally go to Old Navy it turned out that the skirts were out in the styles that I wanted, but I lucked out anyway finding this great gray skirt for only $8,

An easy side braid to keep my hair together in the humidity, a chunky necklace, and a gray headband to finish off the whole look.

mint ribbed sweater and gray pencil skirt with herringbone vest modest outfit ideaSticking with the mint and gray color scheme, this may be one of my favorite combos from this winter. I found this mint ribbed long sleeve tee shirt at Rue21 for only $5.

Layered my mint tee with this gorgeous herringbone vest from Groopdealz. I really love Groopdealz because they have amazing prices and boutique styles that you can’t find in stores.

mint and herringbone modest outfit idea with bootsThe vest runs a little bit small, but Groopdealz is really great about having very accurate descriptions, and measurements listed for each of their pieces, and they always give a good estimate of how long shipping will take. So just like whenever you order online, be careful of the little details because Groopdealz doesn’t have a brick and mortar location to return to.

Wore a silver bohemian style necklace I purchased for less than $4 from Ebay. I saw a very similar style necklace at World Market that I can’t help but stop by and visit every time I’m in there, but at $40, I’m really pleased with my Ebay version.

mint and black leopart modest fall outfit ideaOh how I love wearing mint, I think we all have certain colors that we’re drawn too. For me I just try to make sure that I do indeed buy colors. I think a lot of us ladies will just constantly wear black if we don’t remind ourselves to buy colors when we are out and about.

This mint and leopard print sleeve top is another great deal from Rue21. Styled this fabulous top with a comfy a-line black skirt from Loft Outlet, and black leather ankle boots from Maruice’s.

black leopard sleeves and mint top with black maxi skirt modest outfit ideaStyled this great top again on a warmer day with a little more curl in my hair and some darker lips.

This time I paired it with a simple black maxi skirt and my bow front flats from Shoe Carnival.

black leopard sleeves and mint #rue21 top with black maxi skirtAdded a silver bib necklace which is also from Ebay. Each season I usually purhchase all the clothes for my family (budget permitting) over the course of 3 or 4 consecutive weekends. That way it is still fresh in my mind what pieces I am trying to get match up and I don’t have to spend 12 weeks shopping for clothes. After I have the majority of the pieces I pick out all the perfect necklaces on Ebay and spend about $20 all at once on jewelry and I’m usually set for the season. Really can’t beat the prices, the shipping time is quite long, but it is worth it to me.

navy and green plaid button up with denim skirt, mint vest and cognac boots, modest outfitI can’t be the only one who gravitates towards the same stores over and over again. This vest is also from Groopdealz. I was desperately hoping to find a mint colored vest while I was out shopping this fall, but the only one I happened across was $150!

It was gorgeous, but I have 6 people to clothe so I left it behind and hoped to find a better deal another day. Groopdealz never disappoints, they sold these vest a few times for less than $30.  I let the deal come and go once before grabbing it the second time t was available on the site.

navy and green plaid button up with denim skirt, mint vest and cognac boots, modest outfit ideaThis navy and green plaid button up is a Walmart find. I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart so occasionally I try to stop over in the clothing department and see what they have their. I find some great pieces at Walmart so checking the clothing is a lot of fun.

This denim skirt is from Cato Fashions, and something I probably bought two winters ago. I prefer the dark wash denim and so far this skirt has held up wonderfully.

I wear this mint necklace quite a lot and can never remember where it is from, although I know I’ve seen a similar one at Target. The boots are also from Groopdealz cause they really have the best prices.

green, mint, and navy layered fall or winter modest outfit ideaThis last look basically came together like this. I was thinking I have this really great green necklace that I wore a few times in the warmer months and now that it is winter I wished I had a green sweater to wear it with, but I did not.

I thought to myself, if I did have a green sweater I would most likely want to wear said sweater over a patterned button up shirt, and then add the necklace. Well being the middle of the winter season, I wasn’t going to head all the way out to the outlet mall or the regular mall just to fine two tops. So (you know what happens next) next time I was at Walmart I found both of these great tops.

green and navy plaid button up shirt with black denim pencil skirt and boots, modest fall or winter outfit ideaAlways check the juniors department if you want to find some stylish pieces at Walmart, the juniors department often has more modern styles in it.

green plaid button up, mint sweater, and navy statement necklace layered fall or winter modest outfit ideaOf course the day I took these outfit pictures I was wearing this layered bib necklace from Burke’s Outlet, but I really did wear it with the green necklace several times.

blue, teal, mint modest outfit ideas for fall and winterNine outfits of blues and mints and greens. I loved them all and I hope you did as well. As the cold weather comes to an end (inevitably, right?) here in SC I am going to be posting more winter round-ups so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to pin any looks you love here or share this blog with a friend. Appreciate your support; until next time!


My Valentine’s Day Style 2016

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I always love a good theme and shockingly hadn’t thought much about what I would put together for Valentine’s day outfits this year until a friend asked me one afternoon.

I had so many great ideas. What a fun romantic holiday, the possibilities for putting together an outfit that is perfect for the occasion of Valentine’s day dinner date seem endless, but I was able to limit myself to my 6 favorite looks from my closet.

5 modest valentine day outfit ideasFor the occassion I purchased this super affordable pink tulle skirt from Proverbs31 clothing company. These gorgeous skirts are only $15!

red top, statement necklace, pink tulle skirt and red shoes, modest valentine's day outfit ideaFor this first look I paired my pink tulle skirt with a simple red long sleeve tee. I added a bold statement necklace that I found a while back at Rue21.

red top, statement necklace, pink tulle and red shoes, modest valentine outfit ideaThis statement necklace instantly adds class to this lovely outfit. I wore my favorite jeweled hoops and a dramatic bracelet from Kohl’s.

red top, statement necklace, pink tulle skirt and red heels, modest valentine outfit idea 2 Found this pink and gold beaded headband on clearance at Target for only $6 and the last detail of this look might be the pink and white nails.

I really loved this look, the whole thing is so easy to pull off and so affordable.

red top, statement necklace, pink tulle and red shoes, modest valentine's day outfit ideaI have heard a lot of people hesitate at the thought of wearing tulle, but I say go for it. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Really what is the point of blending in anyway. This tulle skirt is going to be a great addition to your spring wardrobe. It is a lovely pink color and it is not too heavy.

pink sweater and red pencil skrit modest valentine's day outfit ideaIf you are into something a little sleeker and a little warmer than I still have you covered.

This next look was the first thing I thought of for a cozy Valentine’s day date night, or night on the town with your friends.

This sweater is perfect if you live where it is going to be freezing in mid February.

red pencil skirt, red heels and pink jeweled sweater, pink and red modest valentine's day outfitThis red pencil skirt is a steal at only $20 from Amazon and has held up surprisingly well for the amount of use it has gotten since I purchased it over a year ago.

You can still purchase this super comfy skirt through this link on Amazon, it is available in several colors including hot pink.

pink jeweled sweater and red pencil skrit modest valentine's day outfit ideaThese red patent leather round toe Mary Jane style shoes were a clearance deal I found at Rack Room Shoes. You can find a super similar pair of heels at Target when you click through this link and score an additional 25% off when you use the code PRES making them only $22!

pink jeweled sweater and red pencil skirt, modest valentine's day outfit ideaReally loved how cozy and warm this sweater from New York and Company is, but I was pretty dissapointed that some of the jewels came off the second time I wore it. It is an easy enough fix, but I just feel like I shouldn’t have to repair my brand new clothes. Maybe a repair on  thrifted piece, but it’s not like I was doing anything that caused it. Just fell off while I was sitting completely still. Oh well, at least it looked fabulous for this photo and I didn’t pay full price (yay for sales!)

Have I mentioned that I love this skirt?! There are so many great ways to wear it, but this may be one of my favorites.

white and black polka dots and blush pink tulle skirt with hot pink accents, modest valentine's day outfit ideaA little mix of hot pink and blush pink, plus any excuse to wear these great shoes, right?

I used my Rack Room Rewards combined with a sale to get these great hot pink heels for only $7.

white and black polka dot top and blush pink tulle skirt with hot pink shoes and necklace, modest valentine's day outfit ideaThis is pretty much the most fun you can have wearing a skirt. These heels and the fun pink tulle skirt really make you want to twirl around.

white and black polka dot top and blush pink tulle skirt with hot pink heels, modest valentine's day outfit ideaI love the black and white combined with the blush pink and I think it would look just as well with black and white stripes.

This black and white polka dot top is a purchase from Kohl’s last year from the Elle line.

white and black polka dot top and blush pink tulle skirt with hot pink shoes and necklace, valentine's day outfit ideaFound this gorgeous beaded, layered necklace at Burke’s outlet, you can read my review of their store here. They have great prices and their jewelry section may be my favorite part of their store. They always have great jewelry in great colors.

The pops of bright pink definitely make this outfit a lot more fun. Very fun and flowy outfit for Valentine’s day.

white and black polka dot top and blush pink tulle skirt with hot pink accents, modest valentine's day outfit ideaIn the cold I was wishing that the lining to this tulle skirt was a little longer. I am certain I will be glad for the shorter length lighter weight lining in the summer, making this skirt something I can wear all year long.

heart patterned sweater with black tulle skirt and sparkly heels modest valentine outfit ideasIf you’re not completely sold on wearing pink on Valentine’s Day you can try something in a different color palette.

This blue heart patterned sweater is perfect for a subtle Valentine’s day look.

blue and black heart patterned sweater perfect for valentine's dayHere’s a close up so you can see the heart pattern on the fabulous sweater. If only I could always take photos when the sun was just right, then you could see the great powder blue shade of this sweater.

blue and black heart sweater with black tulle skirt modest holiday outfit ideaA friend told me about these great, affordable sparkly black glitter pumps over the holidays. These shoes are from Payless and really add a dressy element to any outfit. The heel is not to high, so they are super comfortable and versatile. Really love these shoes.

black glitter sparkly heels from PaylessThese are always so fun to wear, I’m not sure how I got along without them for so long.

If you love these heels you have to check out these black glitter pumps from Forever21, only $22.

black tulle skirt, black glitter heels and blue heart sweater valentine's day outfit ideaThis black tulle skirt is midi length and makes me feel a little sophisticated. Which is a nice feeling to have after a day home with my 4 kids breaking up the most absurd arguments and changing diapers.

Or even after a day of making paper snowflakes and cupcakes, it’s nice to have something beautiful, and flowy to put on and this tulle skirt is perfect for that. I found this one for a steal at Ross but tulle skirts are getting to be so popular now, you can find them a lot of places, I know I recently saw several colors of tulle skirts at Charlotte Russe and Rue21.

black and blue nontraditional valentine's day outfit ideaIt’s nice to have a little something blue too, if you are trying to get your date to coordinate with you too. My husband certainly doesn’t have any pink ties, though I think he’d look dashing in one.

modest valentine's day outfit idea, pink tulle skirt and white lace top, silve shoes and pink statement necklaceFor my final Valentine’s day inspired look featuring this tulle skirt from Proverbs31 clothing company, I paired this pretty blush skirt with my lace sleeve white top from Loft.

When I see tulle I always think of pairing it with white lace. I feel like it is the easiest and most classic way to wear it, but I also like to mix it up a bit.

white lace top and pink tulle skirt perfecgt for valentine's dayI have had this blush pink bib necklace for a while, when I saw it in New York and Company during a ridiculous jewelry sale I just new I couldn’t leave it behind. Surprisingly I found that I didn’t have that much to wear it with and it has been sorely neglected. This blush skirt goes so well with this skirt, I am so excited. I really loved these two together.

white and pink dressy valentine's day outfit ideaThis is such a fun romantic mix. A loose curl seems like the perfect addition to any romantic look. I’ve been really wanting to try a curling wand instead of my traditional curling iron, I have seen so many great styles on youtube using those things, but I feel certain I will not be able to pull them off myself. If you have any recommendations for or against a curling wand I am all ears, please let me know in the comments.

romantic, girly, modest valentine's day outfitJust picked up these sparkly peep toe pumps at Shoe Carnival just in time for a Valentine’s Day Banquet event.

I told my children that all the sparkles on these nude colored pumps made me feel like Cinderella. .

embellished nude sparkly peep toe pumpsHere’s a closer look at these sparkly lovely shoes. I almost wish I hadn’t made the Cinderella comment to my children, cause they’ve been clamoring to get to these shoes ever since, but really who can blame them.

blush embellished jeweled sweater with black and white striped skirt modest valentine's day outfit ideaThis sweater is a blush color, but it just didn’t really translate in these photos. Near the collar of this short sleeve sweater is a jeweled design in the shape of a bow.

jewel embelishments in the shape of a bow on blush colored sweater from Kohl's Elle Line This is just a super fun sweater, but it’s still really easy and kind of casual.

Just a simple way to feel all dressed up with no additional work of having a necklace on all day. Although my little one was determined to pick these jewels off one by one, but they withstood a couple pulls and tugs.

blush embellished jeweled sweater with black and white striped skirt easy modest valentine's day outfit ideaGot out these super versatile sparkly glitter black pumps again for this last look. First time it gets cold in South Carolina is when I wanted to dress up for Valentine’s day. Seems pretty fair to me, considering how many more warm days we have than cold so I just moved the photos inside for a couple of the outfits.

blush embellished jeweled bow sweater with black and white striped skirt modest valentine's day outfit ideaThe striped skirt from Banana Republic (you guessed it another clearance find) is quickly becoming my new favorite. I’m pretty sure it goes with everything.

black and white lace striped top with red pencil skirt easy modest outfit ideaBonus! Here’s a look at a couple of outfits for some upcoming blog post that would also be great for Valentine’s Day. This black and white lace striped top from Loft paired with this red pencil skirt is another sleek look that can work for Valentine’s day.

blush and burgunday modest valentine's day outfit ideaBlush textured long sleeve tee, burgundy skirt and matching shoes. I’m always happy when I get to wear these boots.

Spring is around the corner and I am really going to have to step up my shoe game so I don’t have to miss all my fabulous boots until next fall.

Phew! So that is it, ha ha! A round up of my six gorgeous Valentine’s Day styles, plus 2 bonus styles that will also fulfill all of our pink and red Valentine’s day dreams.

Hope you love them, hope you pin them.

Until next time, thank you so much for reading.




Snowy Style
My Out of Town Winter Outfits

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So my loving husband had to drag me kicking and screaming on a near 20 hour drive to see our families. Really the drive is much shorter, but with 4 little children in tow, it never quite works out that way.

Of course I was crazy excited to see my family, and my kids kept asking me if we were going to build snowmen at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.

The thought of snow had me thinking though. I knew that it had been unusually warm this winter in my former hometown and I had written off the idea of snow, but the more the kids asked the more I got to thinking.

I’m not the sledding, snow angels, and snowman kind of girl. I usually stand on the side taking pictures while the kids have snowball fights with their dad, but I was thinking the one thing that was missing from my life were some great outfit photos with a snowy white back drop.

At the risk of packing yet another pair of shoes I did pack one or 2 extra outfits just in case.

Turned out when we finally arrived at the doorstep of my in-laws house it was in fact snowing. The first snow of the cold season for them, just so happened to occur at the time of our arrival.

I wish it would’ve waited until we got the car unpacked, but I am happy my kids were able to play in the snow and a few days later I did snap a couple outfit pics before it all melted away.

buffalo plaid peacoat from #burkesoutlet and red beanie, plaid and stripe pattern mix. My modest winter styleKeeping warm was serious business for me. It had not been cold in South Carolina where I live up to this point, and I did not pack correctly for the cold and windy lake front weather. This red beanie from Groopdealz was invaluable to me. If you have not shopped Groopdealz it is an amazing website that has great deals on boutique style clothing. I actually found this beanie on Groopdealz for only $6.99!

red buffalo plaid winter coat pattern mix with black and white striped dress and black knee hight boots, modest winter outfit ideaOf course I brought my favorite red and black buffalo plaid peacoat from Burke’s Outlet on my trip. I have warmer coats, with hoods, but I wasn’t planning on being this cold. At least I looked great, right? Quick steps from the car and back, no lingering, and I was fine, with the exception of a few outfit pics with my big sis.

buffalo plaid button up and black and white striped long sleeve dress, my modest winter styleOkay, confession time, I am slightly obsessed with buffalo plaid. If you had more than one conversation with me this fall/winter I have probably brought it up, and I am not sorry.

So now that we have that out in the open, you will not be surprised to see that when I took off my plaid coat I was actually wearing a plaid button up shirt in the same print and the same colors.

buffalo plaid button up tied over black and white striped dress, my modest winter syleI couldn’t hide how cold I was when posing for this shot. No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t get my shoulders to come down, taking my coat off was quite the shock. Don’t worry we didn’t stay outside more than a moment. You can also rest assured that it wasn’t as cold as I look.

I felt amazing in this 3/4 sleeve long striped dress from It wasn’t too dressy and it was heavy enough for the colder weather. Best part about this fabulous dress made by Sign Here Vinyl is that it was less than $20 on Jane!

It was hard to buy only one. You should definitely head over to Jane and check out there great deals.

This buffalo plaid button up shirt is a recent wishlist find I from Wamlart. My husband couldn’t believe when I exclaimed it was just what I’d been looking for, but I promise I don’t have one like it. It is perfect for layering and the price is perfect too.

Necklace and boots are from Cato Fashions, earrings are from Burke’s Outlet, and headband is from Payless.

white lace dress and cognac boots and belt my modest winter styleI love this dress I found on clearance at White House Black Market a few seasons ago when I was still living in Indiana.

I like it for spring, but couldn’t wait to layer it up for winter. It was pretty windy at the park by the lake so I might have to repeat this one so I can get a picture of it on a sunny and clear day in South Carolina, but mostly because I love this outfit.

white lace dress and cognac boots modest winter outfitThis beige cardigan is from New York and Company outlet, and my blet is from Cato Fashions. I always find great deals at Cato Fashions.

These amazing brown sweater boots are from Groopdealz! Yes, again with Groopdealz. Before I found Groopdealz I just owned less clothes. Groopdealz is really amazing and these boots were less than $30!

My bohemian style necklace is from Ebay and I think I payed less than $4 for it. Love finding fashion for a steal. Although, I admit, I have to repair jewelry I order from Ebay from time to time.

red embellished sweater with statement necklace and tulle skirt modest winter outfitDressing up my red sweater I bought for our choir concert, hope you saw how I styled it in my previous post of Red Christmas Outfits.
I layered my red sweater from Kohl’s over a simple white button up shirt I bought from Walmart.

I added my super gorgeous statement necklace I got for $16 at Rue21 a few months back.

Added my very long and very gorgeous beige tulle skirt I purchased from Amazon. I bought my  6-layer Midi Length Tulle Skirt for our family Christmas Photos and am so pleased with how lovely it is.

red embellished sweater with statement necklace and tulle skirt modest christmas outfitThis  6-layer Mid Tulle Skirt from Amazon is listed as midi length but hit my 5’3″ frame at my ankles. This skirt did have a length option, if you like the shorter style tulle skirt. The shorter length is great for less formal events or warmer weather.

red shoes and white tulle skirt modest christmas outfit ideaYou know you have a slight obsession when you are so excited that the snow is icy hard so you can stand on it in your red high heels. These red shoes from Shoe Carnival are another recent affordable find. I love, loving all my clothes.

A couple years ago I made the decision to only buy clothes that make me squeal. No more “Well it is the right price and it fits” decisions. It’s working out pretty well, I hope you agree.

red embellished sweater with statement necklace and tulle skirt winter outfit on benchLoved the contrast of the bright red against the soft beige tulle skirt. I will never tire of this necklace.

I am back home and ready to start a new year with new goals and things to accomplish. More on all that to come in a later post. Hope the new year is treating you all well, and thank you so much for stopping in as always.

Christmas In Red
3 More Holiday Styles

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Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are spending your day doing something memorable.

I know that I already shared my Burke’s Holiday Style and My Gold Holiday Style and my 12 Days of Modest Christmas Style, but I am back again, for one more Christmas style post.

I am definitely cool tones kind of girl. I love mint and teal and ice blue and silver, but it’s hard to get through the holiday season without at least one great red sweater outfit, or in my case 3.

I was very fortunate to have a lot of reasons to get dressed up in festive attire this season, and even better I get to share it with you.

embellished white peter pan top with red cardigan and silver gray skirt, modest christmas outfit ideaHere’s a great and easy outfit I just loved. I am such a lover of cardigans and Peter Pan Collars, and I was so excited when I found a few great tops at Loft outlet with Peter Pan style collars. It was hard to pick just one, but in the end I ended up with this super versatile, jewel collared shell.

Why do I torture myself with beautiful hard to wash pieces? Oh, that’s right because they are beautiful!!

red and silver peter pan collar modest holiday outfit ideaIt’s not all red and green for the holiday season. Silver is such a great color or even gray. I loved this skirt because it is super comfortable and has a great length so I don’t have to fuss with it all the time to feel comfortable.

Plus, this great skirt from JCPenney has a bit of a sparkle to it that is even greater in person than in these photos, making it wonderful for holiday events, and a little more dressed up than your typical pencil skirt.

red and white and silver easy modest holiday outfit ideaThis pairing of red and white and silver with these perfect gray shoes by

Aerosoles was perfect for a morning singing a Christmas song with the choir at my church.

I added some bright red lip gloss a statement necklace and the perfect gray headband (also from Loft) and this look was complete.

My next look is another casual Christmas look featuring this gorgeous fair isle print sweater from Rue21. It was only $10 and has been on sale for weeks, so I hope you get yourself one.

red and black and white fairisle sweater with black and white striped skirt, modest holiday outfit idea This is what I am planning on wearing today while my kids open up gifts. I layered this sweater over a red and black plaid button up top I recently found on a hunt for affordable tops from Walmart. (Read about that excursion here, lots of cute tops to be had). Layering sweaters over button up tops is definitely a go to for me this fall (and into the winter).

red christmas sweater with black and white striped skirt, easy modest Christmas outfitThis black and white pencil skirt has an elastic waist band, which, I believe, is critical during a proper Christmas dinner. I found it at the perfect bargain price at Banana Republic at our nearest outlet mall location. Yes, I hit a few clearance spots on Black Friday this year. I only bought 7 things for myself ll weekend, I was good. This skirt was a definite wishlist item, but now I don’t think I can justify buying a dress in the exact same print, so there is that one drawback. This skirt is really classy  and really comfortable, I could (and probably will) wear it all the time.

sparkly red sweater, tassel necklace and red boot socks, modest outfit ideaIt’s hard to believe that I live in the southern part of the country when you see all the layers I’ve been wearing. One day I’ll adjust, but I just got here and I still associate fall with sweater weather, though I think a sweater has only been justified about 2 times, no need to say how many sweaters I have worn when it was way to warm.

red and black modest christmas outfit ideaIt was another choir performance, and to be honest I wasn’t too concerned with what I was going to wear. I figured it was going to be cold and outside and I would just throw something together. Then at the last practice a few people were discussing what they would wear, and I realized perhaps I cared too little what I would wear. I try to love everything I buy that way when it is time to get dressed the hardest thing decide is which beautiful thing to neglect that day. I didn’t have time or money to go out and shop and it turns out I loved what I pulled together anyway.

red sweater and black pencil skirt modest christmas outfit ideaRed sweater with embellished sleeves is from Kohl’s and black button up is a clearance find from Cato Fashions. Since I’ve started sharing my outfits on my blog I realize that a lot of it is from the clearance section, girl’s gotta save though right?

Black pencil skirt is from a yard sale and the boots are also from Cato Fashions. My new favorite and super affordable everyday headband is from Walmart. I like it because it is accessible and affordable, because I have a tendency to break a lot of headbands.

My red watch has a sparky thin band and is also from Cato Fashions. Perfect for every single holiday event I have this season. This watch is great and is another piece I am going to wear over and over again.

These red boot socks may have been a little too long for this look, but I didn’t let that stop me. I looked a lot of places for lace topped boot socks but really didn’t find any, so I ended up getting these ones from Amazon.