Smart and Simple Swaps
Turkey Breakfast Sauage

Okay here is another great breakfast swap. I hope you are eating breakfast, I think we all know that you need to start your metabolism for the day with a healthy meal and I would like to suggest the next time you do, you try some turkey breakfast sausage.

This is seasoned sausage so (to me at least) I think that it is an easy swap, as it taste very similar. I featured my 3 favorite Turkey Breakfast Sausage products above. I swap them for pork sausage and I have never been sorry.

A few things to know:

  • Turkey Sausage has less than half as many grams of fat when compared to pork sausage! This is really shocking to me. Especially in the case of Jimmy Dean where according to the nutrition information found on their site, their original sausage has a whopping 19g of fat. No thank you. I will just stick with Turkey variety for just 4g.
  • Prices are comparable – If you are thinking that cutting calories means raising costs than this is the swap for you. Turkey sausage is often the same price as its pork counterpart, and for the fat and calorie savings you get, you really shouldn’t pass up this deal!
  • Protein in the Morning Good for Your Health – According to Live Strong there are many benefits to eating protein in the morning. It can help you build more muscle, burn more calories and feel full throughout the day.

Any of you having Turkey Sausage for breakfast already?

Smart and Simple Swaps
Lite Breakfast Syrup

If you are trying to cut back on calories here is an easy swap that your taste buds might not even notice. If you are a syrup connoisseur, you are probably using maple anyway, but if you are into the stuff that goes for around $2 a bottle then I suggest that you switch to the lite variety and save yourself a bunch of calories.

Here are few things you should know and try

  • First, a serving of breakfast syrup is a whopping 1/4 cup! I think that is outrageous, if you need a 1/4 cup of syrup you should really reevaluate your serving size of pancakes (or waffles or what have you).
  • Next a serving of regular syrup is over 200 calories! Just by using the lite syrup you can save half the calories as these are just over 100 calories a serving on average.
  • ¬†Buy Lite Syrup on your next shopping trip. Store brand where we live is around $2, not a big investment and if you are buying the bottle right next to it guarantee that the manufacturer has worked quite hard to make sure the taste is very similar.
  • Get a 2 Tablespoon Coffee Scoop. I found one at my local Walmart for less than $2, there is also this Embossed Measuring Coffee Scoop on Amazon for less than $5
  • Eat less syrup! Okay this one is obvious, but if you aren’t measuring your syrup you are probably eating more than you want to. Use your new measuring spoon to make sure you don’t eat too much syrup. I find 2 tablespoons of syrup to be more than enough for 2 frozen waffles or 2 pancakes

Good luck!