Super Easy Lemon Loaf Recipe Review

Last week I spotted some lemon flavored muffins in a bakery display case. I hadn’t thought of lemon muffins in some time, but I wasn’t willing to pay for a single muffin what I could probably make a whole batch for at home. Plus, everyone was going to want one, and a single muffin can turn into a half dozed muffins pretty quickly when you have 4 kids. So I left that muffin behind, but I could not stop thinking about making some for myself.

So off to Pinterest I went in search of the perfect lemon recipe to satisfy my craving.

I didn’t find just one recipe I wanted to try however. There were so many beautiful photos of lemon flavored baked goods. So consider this the first of several lemon flavored recipe reviews coming up. I have already tried lemon cookies I will be sharing next week, and I am going to be experimenting with some ideas for lemon flavored overnight oats.

Super Easy Lemon Loaf Recipe Review, no skill required easy to make and delicious for non cooks like me!I chose the pin titled “The Best Lemon Loaf (Better Than Starbucks Copycat)”  from the Averie Cooks Blog.

I cannot say that if it is “better than Starbucks,” as I cannot recall the last time I had lemon loaf from Starbucks, if ever.

I can say that I was surprised how very easy it was to make. I didn’t need my mixer, I didn’t have to soften any butter and it only took a few minutes to stir up pop in the oven.

The hardest part of this recipe was grating the lemon zest, and getting the fresh lemon juice to make the glaze. Neither of which are really difficult at all.

If you have never used lemon zest before, you just use the fine grating side of any cheese grater and grate the lemon peel (after a thorough washing) until you get the desired amount. This recipe called for 2 tablespoons of lemon zest which for me was the zest of one lemon.

easy lemon loaf starbucks copy cat recipe review

What I used:

There were a few choices in the recipe of different things that would work equally well. PRINT OUT THE RECIPE ON AVERIE COOK’S HERE

I chose sour cream over Greek yogurt, and canola oil over and used just a pinch less salt than the recipe called for.

I only made half of the glaze and still didn’t use all of it. The cake buy itself is pretty sweet, so I felt like just a little bit of lemon glaze was all that was necessary.

My loaf pan is metal, I saw some comments mentioning that it didn’t go as well in a glass pan, but I have a feeling this recipe might be kind of hard to mess up.

I already have plans to make it again, and I think I would like to try it in disposable mini loaf pans so I can freeze it.

This recipe is a keeper for sure.

Tried and true easy lemon loaf recipeTaking pictures of baked goods is kind of fun. I had to slice this open so you could see the great texture of this bread.

I wouldn’t worry about it drying out, since I am sure it will not last that long.

Next up for review, lemon cookies with lemon glaze. Working on my own recipe for lemon cheesecake overnight oats. So stay tuned every week to see what I’ve been cooking up!



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