Weekend Shopping Fun

My life is scheduled to become extraordinarily busy so it will be weeks (yes weeks) before I can go shopping again. I have a feeling that even online shopping will be difficult to find time for, for a few weeks. Somehow I will find time to get an Easter outfit. Love wearing my Sunday best.

After seeing some inspirational Instagram pics I thought I really want to get some stuff on my style wishlist. So I headed out to Belk, which was almost a total bust, but I did end up finding a couple of sleeveless tops on the clearance rack!

Got a few things I was really wishing for including a plaid shirt (can you believe I had no plaid in my closet?), and a tassel necklace, and black earrings. I wear so many black necklaces and I never have black earrings to match, found some at Cato and they were hoops, which I’m slightly obsessed with. I try not to buy anything unless I love it, but I did have to get a few layering pieces as well.smartandsavvymom style haul target and cato and belk

Nothing like a way too late at night shopping trip to finish off the weekend.

I was laying everything out on the floor to take pictures to show my sister and I was just chuckling to myself. I wonder how many of us get home and take pictures of our things so we can text them to our best friends, or in my case, my sister.

When we were growing up together I couldn’t wait to get home with whatever I had found. We would all gather in the living room and take each thing out piece by piece and ooh and aah over it. Now we’re older and we live far apart from one another so we can’t do that anymore. Thank goodness for modern day technology, now I can just send her a picture message and we can talk at length about all the things I found deals on.

I think my husband is grateful too, as he doesn’t find it near as interesting, of course. I hope someone out there reading this does the same thing, but if not I will be happy in the knowledge that me and my sister share our special type of crazy. I love that girl.

Took my style haul picture and made these fun pictures just for my own Pinterest (follow me here) enjoyment, hope you enjoy them as well!

taking a picture of everything you bought after a shopping trip so you can show your best friendCome on guys, I know it’s not just me!

taking a picture of everything you bought purchased wo you can show your sisterI love my sister

taking a picture of everything you bought purchased after a shopping tripBecause you know you do it even when you don’t send it to anyone, so you can relive it after you put it all away.

Hope you had a great Monday!


Kroger Trip 11/12/12

Well since my husband was already on his way to Marsh for all those great deals we figured might as well hit Kroger one more time before the sale ends. Our Catalinas did not print, but after finding the ad here on the Kroger website I am confident that either Kroger or the catalina company will make it right, either way it is still a great trip :)

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $71.71
Total Out of Pocket: $13.09
Total Savings: 82%!

Pretty good considering my catalinas didn’t print! Here is what we got
11 Healthy Choice Baked Entrees (just $.49 after coupon!)
4 Jell-O Mix Ins
2 Mrs. Smith Pies
2 Progresso Recipe Starters
1 Nature Valley Granola bars (had a free coupon)
6 Yoplait Simplait Single Cups

Marsh Trip 11/12/12

Well this is fun, my husband has the coupons so well mastered that he did these trips all by himself without even one phone call for clarification. So fun that he is willing to help with couponing. Here is how we made out.

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $85.72
Total Out of Pocket: $8.18
Total Savings: 90%!

Plus I still have a $3 Catalina to spend I am very happy with how this turned out.

Items Purchased
18 Pillsbury Biscuits
26 Red Gold Canned Tomatoes
6 Dr. Pepper 2 Liters
1 Gallon of Milk (no coupon)

There is still two days left of this great sale so be sure to check out all the latest Marsh Deals so you can get your own great deals!

Kroger Trip 11-4-2012

Alright another awesome Kroger trip! Went in with the whole family after church and picked up 20 items, I was pretty excited about the Healthy Choice Frozen entrees. I am hoping to print a few more coupons for one more trip before the sale ends. My store had surprisingly good stock, the only thing they were out of that I wanted was stuffing. Here is how the trip broke down.

Total Before Sales and Coupons $63.21
Total Out of Pocket: $10.18
Total Savings $83%
Plus I have a $2 catalina to spend next time

Here is what I purchased
2 Mrs. Smith Pies
2 Dove Men Care Deodorant
3 Progresso Recipe Starters
1 Jell-O Mix Ins
5 Healthy Choice Entrees
3 Marie Callendar’s Dessert Pies
4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese
2 Dawn Dish Soap
1 Sunday Newspaper (no coupons for this lol)

One more trip in the works. Harder to stock pile when you are trying to eat healthy. Those tiny dessert pies are 400 calories! Check out the Kroger Deals Here and here to see the coupon matchups

Last Nights Kroger Trip 11-1-2012

Well I didn’t get too much, I am trying to break a bad habit of buying more things than my family can consume or stocking up on absolute junk. My hubby does love those Jell-O mix ins and at $.04 it was hard to pass up and I was pretty excited organic diced tomatoes!

Her’s how it broke down

$36.72 Before Coupons and Mega Deal Discount
$7.65 out of pocket
80% Savings!

My receipt said my savings were higher since it included savings from regular retail verses sale prices, but either way a great trip!
Here is what I got:

Reach Floss – FREE
2 Ronzoni Pasta – $.19 each
4 Jell-O Mix ins – $.04
2 Progresso Recipe Starters – $.49
4 Carnation Evaporated Milk – $.19 each
1 Philadelphia Cooking Cream $ .99
1 French’s French Fried Onions – $1.49
2 Muir Glenn Organic Diced Tomatoes – $.55
4 – Campbells Soups $.45 each