Easy and Inexpensive Easter Mantle and Entryway Decorating with DIY Painted Eggs

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I got my Easter decorations up early! I usually have a few decorations, but with all the little children I have around here I don’t usually do much.

This year I have a few places I can decorate in the living spaces of my home where the children won’t destroy it and it was looking so barren after the Christmas decorations came down I decided to put up a few things. I skipped right over St. Patrick’s day and went for an Easter and Spring theme. I am so pleased with how it turned out I couldn’t wait to share it with you all, especially these super affordable eggs I painted.

Mantle decorated with Easter mantle for springSo my fireplace is set in the corner. I live in South Carolina where it is very warm 90% of the year so even though we’ve been here a year and a half this fire place has never been turned on.

Still though it is a lovely fireplace and it is right in my living room, so I have been doing my best to make this little spot look like a lovely little corner in my home.

Easter/ Spring decorated easter mantle, fireplace decorationsTo take up some of the space I bought this great bridge scene from Kirkland’s I had intended to figure out how to hang it and point lights at it, but that was going to be a ton of work so I just sat it there so it would be up and out of the way in the meantime, and as it turns out I quite like it that way so there it sits.

My husband made me this fantastic tray that sits in the center, it is decorated with this great glass blue tile, but it turned out to be too heavy to use as a tray and too lovely to not be displayed, so I found the perfect place for it on the shelf above the fireplace.

Whenever it starts inching toward spring my daughter’s and I love to have pretend tea out of lovely tea sets I’ve collected from all sorts of antique shops and resale stores, so I knew they would get a thrill out of having this lovely tea set displayed in the living room.

Easter egg wreath from Walmart, pastel egg wreath decorated mantleThis white orchid flower arrangement is from Hobby Lobby, with a 50% off coupon I find the flower arrangements are quite affordable, and I love this one so much we keep it up year round.

This Easter egg wreath is from Walmart and is only $9.88! We are always decorating on a budget, we are always doing everything on a budget really. Amazon has a great selection of Easter Wreaths that are so beautiful, and are available for 2 day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime membership.I only spent about $30 on all the decorations we have up in the house. (I had some from years previous)

Kirkland's easter banner with wooden clip on flowers from the Target dollar spot; how I decorated my easter mantleThis “Easter” banner is another Kirkland’s purchase, because basically Kirkland’s, Target, and Walmart are the 3 first places I look for decor. I have a few other places I like, but I’m at Walmart the most since it is where I buy my groceries and it’s hard to shop much when you have four little beautiful children to take care of and only one car to share for your whole family.

I added these bright and beautiful wooden flowers to my Easter banner,  I found the flowers  in the Target dollar spot. The clip on flowers were $3 for the 4 pack and I thought they went perfectly with my little Easter banner.

DIY painted easter eggs for home decoratingPicked up these bright yellow flowers in the seasonal aisle at Walmart  and painted these eggs with some artificial eggs I had from 90% off Easter clearance at Walmart last year. I had the green crinkly paper in with my gift wrapping things, and the vase is from a candy bar I had at a party a couple of years back. I love apothecary jars, but they start at around $30 for one so we just used what we could find second hand. This jar and lid are from the salvation army.

what I used to make gorgeous affordable painted Easter EggsI had some paint including a metallic gold and a more teal color (because teal/mint is my favorite) and I bought the pink and green paints just for painting the eggs.


inexpensive artificial eggs great for decorating and paintingI definitely didn’t realize how many of these eggs my husband purchased on clearance last year. I used about 3 packs and barely made a dent in what we have here.

These paints are $.50 each from Walmart. The metallic gold one may be more, but I already had that one on hand so I just bought the other 3 this time.

spring colored paints used for hand painted easter egg decorThe colors are “Key West,” Pure Gold,” “Baby Pink,” and Lime Sherbet. Click on the picture and it will open up in a new tab enlarged. You can easily read the labels in the enlarged photos if you want to see the exact product number on the paints.

hand painted easter eggs, ,do it yourself easter egg decorationClose up look a these eggs I painted! I love them so much. The colors are perfect. They sell eggs for decorating most everywhere, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and I didn’t want to pay to mix multiple sets so I just made some myself.

I spray painted the metallic gold eggs with glitter sparkle gold spray paint that I had leftover from a previous project. The eggs turned out okay, but I don’t recommend spray painting them since they are so light weight the force of the aerosol spray sent them flying all around.

This spray paint has mixed reviews on Amazon, but I have used it in red and gold and it works near perfect every time. I love it and will definitely use it in the future.

Easter decorated console table with mirror, diy painted easter eggsFor my entry way table I added more painted eggs, plus a couple of pink flower arrangements and a few signs (both from Kirkland’s as are the flowers on the right). The flowers on the left are artificial bouquet my sister’s used as bridesmaid flowers in my wedding. My 2 year old daughter’s vacuum is reflected in the mirror there next to a basket of her toys I keep in the living room. I never was the type that didn’t allow toys in the living room.

Console table Easter decor with hand painted eggs, happy easter sign, and kirkland's pink flower arrangementCut and painted a bit of the egg container the artificial eggs came in to display the “Faith, Hope, and Love” eggs I painted using the pointed handle of a paint brush and the gold metallic paint pictured earlier in this post. The Happy Easter sign is sitting on a wooden colored block from a box of foam blocks from my son’s room.

The glass bird jar is from a yard sale and I’m pretty sure I paid a quarter for it. Flowers pictured above are from Kirkland’s last year, but I am certain I saw a similar set of these at Kirkland’s just a few weeks ago.

Feels so nice to have our decorations up and early! I love the way the house feels with all this beauty in it, now if only I could figure out how to keep the floors clean with 4 little kids living in it!



My December Erin Condren Decorated Planner Pages

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I had such a great time decorating my planner pages in December that I couldn’t wait to share them with you even though I have yet to share my November pages. Don’t worry those will be here in the next couple weeks and I hope you guys love them. In the meantime I made December in my planner so fun and festive.

I have not purchased next year’s Erin Condren Life Planner (I just can’t decide what style I want!). It is an investment, but I love it for planning all things blogging and special events and appointments.

If you are interested in buying an Erin Condren Life Planner make sure you buy it through this link to save $10 (for new customers only).

I can’t wait to show you this month’s spread. I went a little scrapbook  paper crazy, using Scotch roll adhesive to stick everything to the pages. Way quicker than browsing through thousands of (beautiful) stickers on Etsy and waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

december monthly spread 2015 erin condren life planner #EClifeplannerI found glitter red and green washi tape in the $1 spot at A.C. Moore, not the easiest to use but I cut it in half and used it to line the bottom of the daily boxes all the way across the spread.

I used green for the weeks my kids were going to be off from school. I cut out some scrapbook paper with these foil deer silhouette  and layed out the word December with individual letter stickers. Across the top on the right side of the page is another strip of scrapbook paper I cut to size.

On the right margin, is a t do list notepad I cut down the center. It just adds color even though it only covered up a list space of lines underneath.

I took the photos of the monthly spread before it was filled out. While it was still clean and pretty.

december week 1 in my #ECPlanner. Winter ice blue decorated planner spreadWe should just establish before we get too much farther that I am currently obsessed with deer silhouettes and plaid.

I used a flag punch on card stock to cover up the letters and then wrote the numbers in with a sharpie marker. A trick I learned watching @belindaselene on YouTube.

winter blue #ecplanner decorated weekly spreadA few sticky notes and planner squares go a long way towards adding color my planner, but without filling up the space I need to write. I actually live my life out of 3 planners. This is the only one I decorate to this degree. Some weeks I do find I have to add in a post it note or 2 because I filled up the space, but I can’t help it, it is so pretty.

deer silhouette decorated winter planner #ECPlannerI took this gorgeous silver deer silhouette paper from a paper pad I got during a black Friday weekend sale and cut it out for a bottom border. It also had this square with the deer silhouette on sheet music and laminated it for a page marker.

buffalo plaid December week 2 in my #ECPlannerFor this weeks spread I printed out some pins and made up some ornament stickers, buffalo plaid planner squares, and to do list squares, cause I just couldn’t let December go by without some buffalo plaid in my planner.

red and gold christmas decorated planner #ECPlannerI really loved my buffalo plaid snowflake and my red and gold Christmas ornaments. I printed them on Avery label paper. People are always asking me about the quality of Avery labels, the quality is amazing, but remember a week in your Erin Condren Life Planner goes by in 7 days, how high quality do you need the sticker paper to be?

I think that the Avery Label paper is outstanding. I don’t know why I would use anything else. Besides being great quality and turning out beautiful stickers, they are also very affordable.

You can get 25 full standard paper size labels for only $6.99 on Amazon HERE.

red and gold christmas decorated planner pages idea; #ECPlannerI made the weekend stickers with deer silhouettes of course. I did finally find some buffalo plaid washi tape at Michael’s, but only after I had printed and cut my own, but both are gorgeous. Pretty much all red and black plaid is beautiful to me. I hope this trend last forever. Plus, how cute are these pens from the Target store dollar spot?

December week 3 decorated baking, cooking theme planner spread #ECPlannerI think baking with my family may be my favorite thing to do with them ever. Yes it is always a little too much sugar in the bowl, and flour on the floor, but still, we have such fun.

I frequently have cooking time with the kids during our homeschool time. They are very little but it is great to teach them about measuring and other things while we laugh and poor and scoop.

With the anticipation of all the baking the holidays bring and a fabulous pad of stickers that were only $1 at Michael’s with all manner of Christmas baking stickers in it.

holiday baking theme decorated planner pages idea. Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannerI had a sheet of baking card stock stickers I found on clearance quite a long while ago, and I finally used them on this week’s spread.

The little square cupcake and muffin stickers are the exact right width to fit in the vertical layout squares. I used a pink to do list note pad on the left. I found this super cute cupcake washi tape at Dollar General in October when I was on the hunt for Halloween Washi tape.

pink and green holiday baking planner decorating idea #ECPlannerIt was my daughter’s birthday this week so I added some foil birthday balloon stickers. These stickers are easy to find, I’m pretty sure I bought these at Walmart.

I liked how cheerful the bright pink and mint colors are in my planner. For the date squares I cut up some polkadot scrapbook paper I had on hand. It was loose or I would love to tell you where it came from. Just stuck it down with some adhesive. I really like how covering up the numbers on top can transform the whole look of the spread without taking up any of the space you would normally use to write on.

christmas decorated weekly planner pages, Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannereChristmas week in my Erin Condren Life Planner! I just jam packed it full of beautiful things. I don’t have a lot of appointments the week of Christmas and didn’t think I needed to write in “shop, wrap, cook” so I felt like my options were wide open. I printed some stickers from Etsy and a lot of them ended up in this spread. You can check out my post on these affordable stickers HERE.

christmas decorated planner pages Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannerA little fun with Santa on the to do list and this amazing washi that reminds me of fairisle print sweaters.

My favorite Christmas verse on Tuesday and red and green glitter washi stacked across the top border of the page.

christmas decorated planner pages. Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannerCandy canes, Christmas presents, and Rudolph. I only wish I wasn’t so, so busy that I have barely have had time to look in here this week.

Even looking through the photos of my planner make me happy, I am going to be sad to pack this up. The pressure of a totally blank planner, right you guys? I keep telling myself “You own everything you need for decorating your planner, buy nothing!” Somehow that thought always turns into “Make everything yourself!” I am really looking forward to making myself a few planner covers. At least I can share all the gorgeousness with you.

New Year's Eve decorated planner pages in black and gold. Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannerI really wanted to do black and gold for New Year’s decorated pages.

I used scrapbook paper along the bottom and side, and these glitter hearts that come in packs of six from the $1 spot at Joann’s.

black and gold New Year decorated planner pages. Erin Condren Life Planner #ECPlannerObviously a page marker that says “YOU ARE AWESOME” always belongs in my planner. At least one of you is wondering if I’m kidding, and the answer is; sort of.

Really sometimes we need a daily reminder of how awesome we are, and that is why I like to fill my planner with quote stickers. I like to feel encouraged and uplifted whenever possible.

Since everyone always asks, the only Etsy shops I used are the printable stickers from the Shops Listed in My Previous Post HERE. Most everything I use in from local hobby stores. Washi tape, stickers, scrapbook paper and paper punches are about the only things I use.

Here’s a look at my desk before I sat down to do all these spreads.

how I decorate my Erin Condren Life Planner. Organized desk set upI keep my big pads of paper and paper punches off to the side, along with some big trash cans so that I can try to keep it tidy.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have below or leave a link to your decorated pages blog post, I love seeing all the great ideas everyone comes up with.







DIY PJ Masks Owlette Costume wit Free Printable

If your little ones are fans of any thing Disney like my children are and you have cable you probably have seen the new show on the Disney Channel called PJ Masks.

Disney Jr. PJ Masks, gecko, owlette, and catboyIt features 3 school age friends who transform into super heroes in the night. Catboy a super fast cat, Gekko who is super strong and a great climber, and Owlette who is the only girl in the group and can fly, amongst other powers.

This show started airing not too many months before Halloween and my kids were so excited to dress up as the characters from the show PJ Masks when that day rolled around this past October. Alas, there were no costumes to be found anywhere so with a lot of hard work and ingenuity I was able to make my son a Catboy Costume which I wrote about here (very helpful if you are trying to make one for yourself). It was not easy and took many hours but my son’s costume turned out to look pretty awesome.

My 6 year old daughter was so impressed, in fact, with her brother’s costume she was certain it would be no problem at all for me to make her a Owlette Costume to go with it.

I took a few days to think about it (and to look for something close enough to the costume that I wouldn’t have to make one)

I looked and looked, but it was very quickly obvious that the only way we were going to get the costume she wanted was if I  made it.

Suddenly I was wishing I didn’t work so hard to portray a good spirit while I was making the first one. Haha. Maybe if I’d complained more she wouldn’t have asked me.

My husband reminded me how thrilled my son was to zip around the house in his Catboy costume, and that I would have all the reward I needed when I saw her face after first putting on the costume.

So with my little pep talk in my pocket I headed out to get supplies.

no sew, pj masks costume owlette, diy halloween costume

Here’s a  look a the finished product, my daughter was thrilled, and it was much less difficult than the catboy costume.

finished flat lay do it yourself pj masks owlette costumeIt turned out so great considering how easy it was to put together.

We focused mostly on the wings and they were the most time consuming, but they were also a showstopper. My daughter was so thrilled to just sit and check out each individual feather.

diy owlette costume how to Here are the materials I used.

2 yards of by-the-yard felt fabric. (from the fabric section not the craft section)
1 yard of light pink flannel (couldn’t find any this color in by the yard felt)
2 Pink and white 8.5×11 inch felt craft squares
2 Rolls of Hem Tape
2 Sharpie Markers (1 light pink and one dark, but anything to mark on the fabric will do)
1 piece of cardstock for the feather template
1 Eye Mask (this was a masquerade fox style from the dollar store around Halloween time)
1 sheet of iron on transfer paper
Some elastic to secure it to her wrist and some velcro I had on hand to secure the wings to the shoulders of the shirt, but the wings were mostly too heavy for this to really work.

1 Long sleeve pink shirt (I found this one for $6 from the girls section of Target)


I started with my long sheet of dark pink by-the-yard felt.

measuring felt for diy pj masks owlette costumeIn order to measure the span of the wings I had my daughter lay down and marked about 2 inches inside of either wrist. I ended up cutting mostly along the crease you can see already in the fabric pictured above.

After that I tied my marker to a ribbon in order to make a swinging curve along the bottom of the fabric.

After I cut the fabric into a half circle I folded the fabric in half and cut down the center in order to make two triangles.

diy pj masks costume owlette wings how toOnce I had my two triangle bases for the wings I started making the feathers.

I measured a bit free hand a rectangle that was 2.5 inches across and 4 inches long.

Just like with the wings I folded the paper in half and cut a curved line along bottom to make the exact wing shape I desired.

how to make a diy owlette costume from pj masks I think the shape is a like that of a pointed shield. It’s not necesarry for this to be a very specific type of shape, as long as you use the same template for all of the feathers you should have the same result.

Once I made the first wing template out of cardstock that I liked I traced and cut two more just like it.

Because I was tracing the template onto the fabric with sharpie markers, the edges of the template got a bit saturated making them hard to work with, which is when I would switch to the next one. Three should be plenty though.

The tracing and cutting took the most time. I suggest if you are going to try this that you have high quality fabric scissors.

For my 6 and a half year old daughter we used about 150 of these feathers. Yes, you read that correctly, 150.

I laid my feathers out on my wings so I could make sure I would have enough to cover the wings. I made certain that the individual feathers would overlap the wing edges, and trimmed them down after they were glued down.

how to diy pj masks owlette costumeAfter I figured out the immense amount of felt feathers I was going to need I decided to distribute the polka dot feathers throughout. I wasn’t sure I was going to have enough fabric, but it turned out I had plenty to spare.

I laid out both feathers and then starting from the bottom row, I began to lay them out, first cutting the strips of hem tape (my scissors will never be the same, that stuff is sticky!) and then placing the tape onto the top straight part of the feather and then placing the feather onto the fabric.

Repeat 150 times….

diy how to felt costume wings pj masks owlette costumeI finished these in the wee hours of the night so after I glued the feathers on, I just went to sleep.

The next day I flipped the wings over and grabbed my roll of elastic, and using hem tape again I glued a loop onto each wing where the wrist would be.

Then I measured and cut a piece of ribbon I had on hand to the width of the top of the wings. I cut two very long strips of hem tape and put them on the back of the ribbon.

Laying the wings out I glued the ribbon on going over the strips of elastic. The tips of the wings were just touching at the top. So it looked like this:

how to diy no sew felt costume wings, pj masks owlette costumeThe two little black strips are where I added velcro to help it stick to the back of the costume tee shirt.

diy no sew costume wings for pj masks costume owletteHere is a view of what the wings looked like from the back. The Velcro is holding them onto the tee shirt at the shoulders, but if I were to do it again I would probably use another elastic strap at the under arm, because the wings were very heavy to be held on by the Velcro and it kept pulling on the shirt.

diy no sew owlette costume, pj masksFor the symbol on the center of the tee shirt I printed a still shot from the show onto iron on transfer paper for dark fabric. I cut it out (the edges were pixalated) and ironed on. Easiest part of the process.

Here is a printable that you may use to print out on your printer for use on your own little Owlette costume.

>>Download HERE Free Printable Owlette Chest Symbol for iron on transfer <<


Once you have you wings and your tee shirt finished there is only one thing left to do; the eye mask.

I wasn’t sure how to go about this, because the Owlette mask has feather detail on the top of each side.

I find I do well when I just improvise which is what I did here. I just stopped a few places while we were out running errands. I tried Walmart with no real luck on a good eye mask, but was fortunate to find something that would work at Dollar Tree.

The had several shiny purple and pink mask near their selection of Halloween candy. We picked up 3. Two of these were the same, a fox, and one was a wolf (I think?) they had scallopped edges so I was figuring that they would add to the costume, not a must though.

After I selected my mask, I simply inverted onto a scrap of fabric leftover from the dark pink felt I used for the base of my wings.

Traced around the mask and eyes with permanent marker, and the cut the mask out of the fabric and glued it onto the actual mask I purchased from the dollar store. This gave the mask more structure than if I would have just added elastic to the fabric.

The mask I bought was sized for an adult, this way you get the complete wrap around look that Owlette’s mask has on the show.

no sew, pj masks costume owlette, diy halloween costume After I had all the pieces I had to make myself we just added all things pink! Pink skirt is from Gymboree and was on the $3.99 clearance rack we had already purchased this skirt, and just used it because it matched just right. Pink leggings were something she already had, and obviously the shoes have been around a while.

She found some pink gloves from our winter accessories box (sounds nice, but it’s just a nice basket where we toss all things gloves, hats, and scarves), these particular ones have princess crowns printed on them in silver.

owlette costume, no sew, diy, do it yourself pj masks costumeShe was so excited to save the day. I was surprised how many compliments this costume received at the trunk or treat event at our church. Probably because my lovely friends no that I am not too handy with a needle and thread and I do not own a sewing machine. Considering those factors, this is pretty amazing.

diy pj masks costume, no sewing how to catboy and owletteSo my little ones were a crime fighting duo. My two other little ones dressed up as Elsa and Anna, because obviously I like giving the Disney Company all my money hahaha.

flying owlette in her no sew costume wingsMuch like my son could not wait to see if his stripes made him a faster runner, my daughter was interested to see how much her wings would help her slice through air. She was running up and down the sidewalk in front of our house, she loved how the wings looked flowing behind her in the wind.

She is not jumping off of that car, in case it even almost looks like that.

She did insist on jumping a few times to see if I could get a picture that looked like she was really flying.

She was really excited, and I don’t mind admitting that my husband was right, and it was really worth all the time I put into it after all.

Hope this helps someone who wants to make this costume for their little one. It is definitely not too late for this costume to end up under your tree this Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by,


DIY PJ Masks, Catboy, No Sew Halloween Costume Victory
Now with Free Printable

The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

*** Update, scroll to the bottom of the article to see new included FREE printables to help you with making the costume yourself! ***


*** Update Two: Checkout the tutorial for my Owlette Costume By Clicking HERE***

diy pj masks costume, no sewing how to catboy and owlet****

I am only pseudo crafty. I glue I do not sew. I cross stitch, but I don’t own a sewing machine. I bake, but I don’t grill (I just don’t like smelling like the grill). I hot glue, but I try to stay from power tools. I think I have stated my case well enough. I make some pretty creative beauties that suit me perfectly, but when my son asked me to make him a Halloween costume I told him it could not be done.

If you have not heard of PJ Masks, it is a new show on Disney Jr. It features 3 young kids who have pajamas that grant them super powers at bed time to fight crime. My kids love this show. I won’t even tell you how many times we have seen the few episodes that aired.

Disney Jr. PJ Masks, gecko, owelet, and catboy

Gekko, Catboy, and Owlet are best friends at school, and at bedtime transform into superheroes, full out with costumes, a secret lair, and customized vehicles. (Because obviously 7 year olds need their own cars, I mean if one of them can fly, why not?)

Only one problem. The show is so new there are no costumes available for purchase yet. Sigh.

When I asked my children what they wanted to be for Halloween they all grabbed something out of the pile of costumes we already had on hand and were perfectly happy to do so. Except for my son. My son proudly stated that he would be Catboy for Halloween and never wavered.

I tried to convince him to be a dinosaur, or a dragon, or a transformer, a knight in armor and Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen.

No go.

He would only be Catboy. I explained to my 5 year old that they didn’t sell the costume he wanted at the store. He confidently replied “Don’t worry, Mommy, you can just stitch it up.”

He believed in me so much I figured at least I could try to see what it would take.

I decided that it might be simple enough. All we really needed was a blue long sleeve shirt, blue pants, a blue mask, and a tail.

Add stripes and go, right?

It actually turned out really well. My son is thrilled. Turns out I’m the real hero and I get to basks in the glory of those few winning parenting moments.

Here is the finished product.

completedDIY PJ Masks catboy costumeI’m pretty excited, since I had no idea how this was going to go. I wish I could tell you some great easy way that you can make this for your child, but it was a little time consuming and at times difficult, but I will show you what I did.

Items I purchased:

Felt: (4 navy sheets) $1.25
Sweat Pants $5
Long Sleeve Tee $4
Hat $1
Masks $1
Gloves $1
Heat and Bond Glue $2
Iron on Transfer paper: $4 (at Joann’s after coupon)

(Check out these highly rated Iron on Transfers on Amazon)

Total Spent $19.25

Not super cheap, but not too bad. It also helps that my son is going to wear this 4 to 5 times a week until it falls apart, and I know for certain at least 2 of my daughters are going to want to play in this as well. I wouldn’t have bothered if it was just for one Halloween night. Unless we were going to do some sort of contest perhaps.

I also used the following things I had on hand:

White crafting glue
Fabric scissors ( I use these ones – and they are amazing)
Black permanent marker
My computer and printer for iron on transfer
and my iron and ironing board

First, I started with some images of the character. I had to pull up my DVR and then play the episodes watching for a moment where Catboy was clearly in view, pause it and then take pictures with my cell phone. My kids really enjoyed that.

side by side, diy pj masks catboy costume with crafting feltMy son has already informed me that the costume helps him to run faster. Super speed is one of Catboy’s super powers. When my son tried on the whole outfit, he began running around the house asking me to check to see if he was going fast enough for me to see his stripes light up. Another one of the power’s of the Catboy character is that during his super speedy moments, his stripes glow or light up. I thought it was so precious that my little guy thought the costume would truly light up as well.

Here are the images that I used in case you need to take a closer look at the character to help with your own creation. (click on the images to see their larger sizes)

Disney Jr. PJ Masks show - catboy characterand this

Disney Jr. PJ Masks catboyI used this image to get a closer look at the stripes and the face.

PJ Masks catboy from Disney Jr.I used those images to create a sketch that I felt was similar enough to Catboy to be recognizable, but dissimilar enough to be created from cut felt.

Here’s my finished sketch.

disney jr. PJ Masks catboy costume sketchYes, I fully colored it in so that my son could be excited about it while I was working on it. I tried to make the sketch look like the cartoon, but I tried to make the costume look like the sketch, so it may have gotten a little watered down by the time we were finished, but it still worked out great.

Next, I had my son try on the sweats and tee I got him from Walmart.

blue sweats and long sleeve tee. From walmart, boys size, perfect for costume making

I made some measurements of where his knee and his elbow would be so I could make sure none of the stripes ended up on those parts of the clothes.

I also measured across the chest to determine the 6 inch size for the chest symbol.

Next, I got some felt and just started cutting. I used a ruler and a sharpie to mark the lines to ensure that they would be straight.

I measured the width of the legs sitting flat and made sure my stripes/ chevrons would fit correctly. For example I make sure the chevron shapes along the bottom were 6 inches across.

PJ masks catboy costume step by stepAt this point I was feeling pretty encouraged.

I got all through the pant stripes before the free hand tracing of the ruler stopped working.

I pre-cut my felt ($.25 per sheet at Walmat I used 4 sheets) to the correct width before cutting the stripe and then traced it in the mirrored direction for the opposite pant leg or opposite side of the shirt.

As I cut the strips of felt I laid them on the top and pants to make sure things were lining up like my sketch.

PJ masks catboy costume made with crafting feltMy husband found an owl mask for $.97 at Walmart. I used leftover scraps to make the stripes on it.

diy pj masks - mask for halloween costumeAdded bright blue felt (another $.25 investment).

mask for PJ masks diy catboy halloween costumeI used white craft glue to glue this down since I wasn’t sure how the mask would hold up to the iron. I used heat and bond glue for the rest of the costume.

Here’s the finished costume hanging up after my husband and I were all done working on it. This took me several hours to do. The heat and bond glue, had to be applied, and reapplied. I haven’t worked with that stuff much, so it is possible that I applied it wrong to start.

finished hanging,diy pj masks, catboy halloween costumeI glued and ironed on all the stripes. I didn’t take any pictures, because frankly it was messy, frustrating, and time consuming. If I had to do it again I would use crazy glue. Yes I would. After using the iron on glue, I had to repair it in several spots, I used white craft glue for the repairs, so far it is holding up after 5 trick or treating events over 2 days.

For the center symbol, I used iron on transfer paper made for colored fabric. Purchased at Joann Fabrics with a 60% off coupon. Cost me less than $5.

I isolated this image from a screen grab.

catboy symbol from pj masks for diy halloween costume.Printed it and cut out the mask shape. This was by far the easiest part.

side by side, diy pj masks catboy costume with crafting feltWe added a blue hat and knit gloves to finish off the look. I did have to cut the pointy owl nose off the mask for it to work.

My son is absolutely thrilled to be Catboy for Halloween . That thrill is why I like Halloween.

I love Halloween for a chance for my kids to dress up and have harmless fun, and I think it can be a great opportunity to go out and meet people from our community.

Hi again! What a great response to this post. Apparently a lot of us moms were trying to make happy sons by letting them dress up as this new superhero. I am here to help. So it took me a while, but I put together a printable to help you in your efforts. A totally free printable, complete with a full cutout for the mask. (Scroll down for the downloadable PDF file.)

free printable template for diy catboy pj cat hero preview

Please, remember that my son is 5 years old and I made the printable using the measurements for his costume. You should be able to cut the stripes bigger or smaller using the basic template provided.

You can try to print these on transfer paper and iron on the whole thing, I haven’t tried it with the stripes but had great success with the chest symbol. Check the material needed on your iron on transfer paper before going this route, I think that iron on transfers work best with 100% cotton.

If you are planning on cutting everything out of felt, this is the PERFECT printable for you can print this and use it as a template and it should make things go a lot more quickly.

free printable pj cat hero preview 2


PJ Super hero boy cat costume printable iron on stripes

free printable template pj cat hero stripes preview masks included

Hope this helps someone trying to make the costume themselves. Good luck. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below!


Cute Planner Supplies
for $1 or Less

I love decorating my planner. I don’t always find time to get every week looking pretty, but I usually decorate my planner at least 3 weeks out of the month. I know that planner supplies can get super expensive, and the planner itself can be pretty pricey as well.

Right now I am using a notebook I made into a planner and another planner for homeschool I printed up and had bound at the local office supply store for about $5. I don’t decorate my homeschool planner so that is one way i save money.

I made the homeschool planner so I purposely made sure that it would have a lot of lovely things throughout so it wouldn’t get bulky with washi tape and sticky notes, just in case my homeschool association ask to look at it.

We all like saving money and having pretty things, and sometimes it can be pretty tricky to do both. I admit finding wonderful inexpensive things can take time. I don’t always have a lot of time, but I do have 3 go to places where I feel like I am guaranteed to find inexpensive supplies for my planner

Joann planner supplies from the dollar spotNumber one place (which I cannot always get to because it if far from where I live) is Joann Stores.

They have a section in their scrapbooking section that is filled with lots of items that cost just $1. Even better, periodically these items go on sale for 50% off, which means that you can get each item in that section for only $.50 each!

If you are lucky it may even happen on a weekend that their is a coupon out for 20% off your total purchase, which is what happened to me. The photo above are all items from the $1 section of scrapbooking items. My entire purchase was less than $8. Phenomenal.

Dollar Tree stores washi tape, inexpensive planner suppliesNext up is Dollar Tree Stores. Did you know that Dollar Tree sells washi tape. There is a Dollar Tree not too far from here in North Chaleston (South Carolina) near an Old Navy store that is absolutely the biggest Dollar General I have ever been to.

I have heard some people say that their Dollar Tree location does not sell the washi tape, but it is worth checking because each roll is only $1, and some of them are super cute.

While you are at the dollar store don’t forget to check out the stickers in the school supplies section and nearby to the greeting cards.

I have found the cutest Eiffel tower sticker theirs. The package was 96 Eiffel Tower stickers (or 4 sheets) for only $1!

Target dollar spot planner supplies, inexpensive planner suppliesLastly the Target Dollar Spot. They have a lot of great things in the dollar spot at Target. I love to look in there for office supplies and activities for my children. Better than getting them a candy bar any day.

I have also recently found that they have a lot of wonderful things for planner addicts like me.

If you are looking for inexpensive planner supplies check the Target Dollar spot for items like the cute pens pictured above, to sticky notes, to do list pads, and even washi tape! They also sell stamps and candles and clip boards. Careful though, those dollars can add up quickly.

The candles I purchased in the picture above were not $1, but they are super cute and they smell good, and they really made that picture look pretty, right?

The pens pictured above came 2 or 3 to a pack and I can’t remember the last time my pen ran out of ink or I used and entire pad of sticky notes. Pretty good investment for $1.

You can really find some great deals on planner supplies if you are patient and consistent. I hardly ever go out just to find planner supplies. Almost never, really. I just stop by the $1 spot at Target whenever I am in there (which is way too often) and I do pretty well.

Remember that you don’t need to have a lot of stuff to make your planner beautiful. One sheet of stickers and some washi tape can really go a long way.

Have fun with it, don’t let it take up too much of your time (unless you have lots of time), quick and easy, simple and affordable can still make a gorgeous planner.


Save on Planner Supplies At Joann Stores

Decorating my planner is so much fun. I love all the neat stickers and washi tape I have collected to put into my planner. I am always on the lookout for stickers or paper tape wherever I go, in hopes that I’ll find some rare or undiscovered set of stickers I’ve never seen before.
Recenlty I was doing some shopping nearby to a Joann Store and I decided to just stop in and see what they had in stock in the $1 spot. I am guilty of going into Joann’s unprepared and coming out wondering how I spent so much money. So I was a bit reluctant to go into the store at all.
I told myself I would just buy 4 or 5 things. No more than $10, and then, I prayed a little.
I went straight to my destination and was pretty pleased to discover that they were having 50% off paper crafts, including all the stickers and other things I love for my planner that are available for $1.

Since I had not signed up for the text alerts yet I was able tot do that as well and that allowed me to save 20% off my total purchase in addition to the sale.

joann stores $1 paper crafting items, planning items, scrapbook items for plannersSo I ended up with more things than I had planned on getting, but I was so thrilled about the price.

Usually there is not much to chose from as everything is normally out of stock at the location I have available to me. Not this day though, this day they had everything. I got some for me and some for my 6 year old daughter who has a notebook she decorates with me.

I got everything pictured above for less than $8. It was a very fun shopping day. I happened to be alone, so I stayed and talked with the cashier way too long and got more than I needed for less than it cost. Seems like a winning situation already

I can never plan a trip out just to go to Joann’s because of the sheer distance it is from the house, but whenever I am out that way I try to remember to stop at Joann’s if there is time.

What a fun haul, I have enjoyed these stickers so much, and I just love the little notebooks they sell in this same area of the store.There are so many cute items available to in this $1 section and after my coupons I averaged just $.20 per item.

What is your favorite place get supplies for your planner?

Have a wonderful well planned week everyone!


How I Organized My Home School Shelf

I like to keep my home school space hyper organized. It doesn’t always happen, but this is one of those spaces in my house I try to always keep up with, because we spend the most time in here. Also, I have a hard time keeping my thoughts straight if there are things all over the floor. I find it absolutely necessary to know where everything is at all times. I try to take out what I need before we start the lesson time for that day, but, honestly, it just does not always happen. If it takes me more than a minute to take something out or find it, my very young children become very quickly distracted. Since moving it has been reasonably clean, but I just finished getting our main supplies shelf organized and wanted to share.

How I organized my homeschool shelf titleI decided on turquoise and grey and yellow for our school room. It is not quite where I would like it yet, but it is definitely the best we’ve had it. This is only my second year home schooling and it is still very new for me, but we are finding what works for us. I am trying not to get overwhelmed in the wealth of items you can use to aid in home school education, but with 4 little ones, I am sure I will acquire more than I have at this moment.

home school shelf organized; orginzation homeschoolIt’s been a few weeks, and I have been impressed that it has stayed pretty well in tact. Probably the biggest “problem” is with the crayon storage, but I have something in mind for the things crayons we use daily, but until I have time to get crafty this will have to do. I am however, going to add some labels to the pencil boxes. We ended up with 5 boxes, which included, pencils, crayons, washable crayons, markers, and color wonder markers.

How I organized my homeschool shelf what's in the boxes smartandsavvyThe shelf itself was about $30 from Walmart. Since we’re renting I didn’t want to spend too much on decorating someplace we won’t be living too long. This was great for our purposes.

I guess I need to order some chalk markers so I can write on the canisters on top of the shelf, but I am planning on making 3 more canisters so maybe then.

Most of the magazine files are filled with coloring supplies, my 6 year old daughter loves to color, and desires to keep every piece of paper she has ever drawn on. I believe 2 of the magazine files on the bottom shelf have completed artwork in them, when those are full we start throwing stuff out. I have been taking photos so that we can have digital copies of her artwork, seems to bother her less that way.

You can pretty much see what we have on all the boxes. My kids are little so I still pass out there homework on a day to day basis. In the future they will be in charge of some of their own school supplies but for now, this is working for us.

I made over half of the colorful boxes on this shelf with contact paper from Amazon.

How I organized my homeschool where it came from smartandsavvyI did buy a banker box and a magazine file from Target about a year ago. I haven’t seen any colorful ones just like these at Target in a while, but I think they still sell them in camel and black. The pencil boxes we had laying around, they work for now, but they are not my first choice.

That chevron panel you see next to the shelf are our curtains, and they are from Sears.

organized home school room shelfPretty pleased with how it turned out. Wanted to add the above picture to show you the bottom shelf, that is another diaper box, that is just filled with coloring books and notebooks the kids use for coloring.

Do you have any tricks for keeping your open shelves looking beautiful while also being useful? I love the pictures of all those beautifully staged shelves, but I need to use my shelves! I have a lot of stuff!


DIY Button Tree Wall Art

I am working on my school room right now. I spend so much time in their with the kids, and I just want it to be stimulating and beautiful. We are renting right now, so no major construction, we are not even going to paint, we want to try and make changes that can be transported, since moving is definitely in our future.

Lots of little projects are bringing everything together quite well. This week I worked on a button tree for the wall with my kids. I first saw the idea here on Amanda’s blog. I was cruising through Pinterest (follow me here). I had no intentions of ever making it, and then it turned out it would be perfect for my school room, and the kids had a lot of fun watching it come together, and they were even able to help some.

Didn’t turn out anything like the one I saw on Amanda’s blog, but I’m no artist.I was initially trying to make it look just like the one I found on pinterest, but I realized rather quickly that mine was going to turn out a bit differently and that is just fine with me. One of the great things about these types of do it yourself projects is that they each look so unique. I like having something on my wall that you won’t see anywhere else, and the kids like it too!Button tree wall art, smartandsavvymom.com, do it yourself craftThe nearest craft store to me is now a good 40 minute drive. They do have a Jo-ann Fabrics right by our church but sometimes it is not ideal to go in there with all the kids. One of the things I liked about this craft, besides that it was very inexpensive, is that I was able to get all the materials at Walmart, didn’t have to make the trek out to the craft store with the kids. I’m sure they will be there again soon.

So I started with a blank 24×36 canvas. I spray painted the top a pastel blue, (I wanted it to look like sky and grass) and the bottom I painted green. I liked the idea of it having a soft line where the colors touched, so that turned out pretty perfectly. Having the soft blend of the lines made it easier for a non artist like me.

Button tree wall art painted canvasOne of the kids got to it when it was drying and it got a spot on it at the bottom but it isn’t very noticeable. If you look very closely you can see a couple flecks of white in the lower right hand corner where someone accidentally splashed some water on it, but you really do have to look quite closely. Oh, and the splotchiness of my uneven spray painting gives it character, right? Really, I think it is just great for a sky.

Didn’t need too many supplies, spray paint for the initial cavas covering of blue and gree, a few paint brushes and 3 varied colors of brown paint, buttons, plus a pencil (with a good eraser) and you are ready to get started.

Button tree wall art supplies, smartandsavvymom.comI picked out the paint by eye, based on how dark I felt I wanted the tree to be, and then I picked out 2 small darker shades for adding some texture to the tree. I Apple and Barrel brand paint, the large bottle which I mainly used is the color Nutmeg brown, although the paint is relatively inexpensive, I could have definitely gotten by with the smaller bottle. The two smaller bottles are Brown Oxide and Burn Umber. The paint dried really quickly which was great with all the little hands I have around here. However, it made corrections hard to fix.

Next up I drew a tree in pencil which I erased many, many times along the way. I tried to draw the tree as close to the Original image from Amanda’s blog as I could but, it was harder than it looked. I think one o the main differences (of many) is that she drew her branches thinner and didn’t paint them as close to the edge of the canvas, which cave her more space for more buttons.

I tried to take a picture of the pencil sketch I later painted over but it was faint and hard to capture, but you can make it out okay.

diy button tree wall art penciled, pencil sketch stepeThis was probably the hardest part. I made it with five main branches the outer 2 I curved down to the bottom of the canvas, the next 2 went to the upper corners and the final middle branch covered the upper center portion of the canvas. I made sure that the whole canvas was covered and as much as I could I made sure the branches looked normal, no weird joints or bends or jutting off pieces from out of nowhere. I did send a picture of the tree with no buttons it to my sister and she asked e if it was supposed to be a haunted tree, she’s a funny one isn’t she?  Once I had a tree I liked, I brushed off the eraser marks and started painting.

Button tree wall art partially painted treeI had to do 2 coats of paint and use several different brushes to cover all the different widths of the tree and the branches. I even let my littles help me paint the trunk. They were happy to help, but after a while I had to set them up with activities in a different room. We suffered a few paint smudges, but I think when I look at those smudges on the wall , I will just remember the fun I had with the kids. Character, right?

After I let the branches dry, I added the buttons without glue to see how they would look laid out in case I wanted to move them around (and I did) I put the big ones on first and then worked around to having the small buttons on the outer edges of the canvas. I wish I had more very small buttons, but I didn’t want invest any more money, but if you are buying buttons just for this craft, more small buttons is better. You really only need a dozen or so of the very large ones.

I chose bright cheerful colors for the school room. We are using turquoise, and grey, and yellow, so I tried to stick to that, I also used some pink and purple and green. I had some buttons left over from a previous craft (mostly pink) and a bag I bought for about $6 at Walmart that was filled with assorted colors like yellows and blues. Those 2 sets of buttons were enough to do the craft.

I used a tiny tube of fast drying craft glue (also left over from that previous craft) and went around gluing down the buttons where they were laying.

Button tree wall art image 3No real rhyme or reason to how I laid them out, just tried to make sure that it looked pleasing to the eye. I also tried to make sure that there weren’t too many on of one color bunched up together. Didn’t want to have a tree branch with all green buttons, but that is just me. I have seen some pictures of a lot of great button trees made on solid color canvas with only one color of button that are gorgeous.

Finished product is definitely good enough to hand on the wall and probably cost me just around $20.

Button tree wall art image 2

I added a few dark lines on the trunk and in the corners where the branches come out of the trunk. I put buttons over most of the smudges or problem areas. My 6 year old helped me glue on some of the buttons, and it turned out great. I am so excited to have something on our previously barred walls, and I am really happy that it is something that we made ourselves and that everyone was able to help at least a little.

diy button tree wall art, finished product, smartandsavvymom.comI am so lucky to have a school room where I can leave the kids in a quite place doing there homework while I deal with  my 2 younger kids that are too small for school yet. My 3 year old comes in for story time and a few songs but I don’t make her stay. I hope that the next place we live has a space where we can do this again.

It is so easy to let the kids stuff take over the whole house, and some days it does, but for the school room I need it to be neat and organized or I can’t think straight. I keep it cleaner than most places in my house, but I am not so strict about it that I lose my temper on the kids over it, luckily for me, it has a lock on the door (it is meant to be a bedroom) so sometimes when the kids get out of hand, just lock the door to keep everything in order. Don’t worry they have plenty of other places around here to play.

Do you have a space in your home that is dedicated to home school or homework? How do you have it decorated?

Upcycled/Repurposed Canisters!

Well, I have been needing to find something to store all the manipulatives I have for home school. I have so many tiny things to count, and the wipes containers are wonderful but I recently switched to all open shelving in our school room so I wanted to do something that was going to look great on the shelf.

I had a collection of these zeal canisters laying around and I had bought some contact paper for another project so I decided to get crafty and I am so happy with the result.

So here is how it turned out

before and after upcycled, recycled, repurposed, canistersI was pretty pleased with myself, and it was pretty easy.

I love the way they look in the school room at my house, and they keep all those little coins and things up high and out of the way and they look gorg’!

So if you want to make your own here’s what I used

1. Three empty zeal canisters (any kind should work, provided that they are relatively round)

2. Teal Contact Paper (no longer available but they have some cute teal chevron paper) I had on hand from Amazon. Also had This Grey Contact paper

3. These chalkboard labels from Target

The whole process is pretty simple.

1. Use scissors to cut the label off your canister, wash and make sure to let dry completely.canisters with lables removed

2. Next, I wrapped the contact paper around the canister and made a mark to cut it to the appropriate length, be sure to give yourself a little lee way you can always cut off the extra overlapping edge.

3. Your contact paper strip will be too tall, so measure again to cut it to the appropriate height. I gave myself a little extra height on this cut as well.

I had a pretty difficult time getting it on exactly straight, but it still looked just fine.

4. 201501071828657980There was a lip on this jar where the label had formerly been. I used a craft knife to cut off the excess that was above or below that line. I first ran my fingernail along the edge which made a slight mark in the paper that was then easy to follow with my knife.

5. Add the labels and voila. Who doesn’t love contact paper?


Ended up looking like this:

after upcycled zeal canistersI’ll just enjoy this memory of them, as I am sure that some day in the near future, my favorite 3 year old will descend on these with her particular brand of destruction.

Enjoying getting more organized in the new year. Hope everyone is having a great 2015 :)

Closet Makeover Project

Before and after, closet, storage, office storage, hutchI couldn’t wait to share this closet make over that we did at our house yesterday. I was getting everything organized and ready for the new home-school school year at our house. This involved a lot of time in my office. Just kidding, I don’t have an office. I needed a quiet space where I could work away from the kids so I had no choice but to put the desk in my bedroom near a strange small closet. My room is big enough to fit the desk but the whole space leaves something to be desired. Doesn’t everyone want their work space to be beautiful.

Well while I was in and out of the closet, printing and laminating I had a Facebook friend post a closet project that she had worked on so I was inspired to change my ordinary closetBefore closet, before office storage

I bought some teal and white patterned contact paper from Amazon. Arrived in just 2 days with my Amazon Prime. It is so affordable. Came as a pack of 2 and I only needed 1 roll to finish this project! My hubby picked up the shelving supplies from a local home improvement store. We decided to just put the shelves in the same place. Even though the laminator probably needs less space, but now I can use it without taking it out of the closet.

I love, love, love it!  After closet project, after office storageI think that I will probably buy or make a few cute storage solutions for the few things tat are loose on the shelf (like the paper) I would like to do something with the index card holders, but so far I just am enjoying leaving the door open and staring at how much better it is.