Floral Chiffon Arrow Skirt 3 Ways
Perfect for Spring

floral chiffon arrow skirt from rue21 styled 3 modest ways for springI know that one of the challenges of having a beautiful updated wardrobe is trying to find beautiful items at a great price.

One question I receive a lot concerning my style is “Where?” Seems people are always trying to find out where items were purchased and how recently. I love to share my daily styles with you over on Instagram. (Let’s connect!)

Of course building a wardrobe is always about mixing your existing items with a few great new ones every season, and I have found a great and beautiful new piece for spring.

teal and coral floral chiffon skirt from rue21 paired with teal blouse, modest outfit idea

This floral chiffon arrow skirt from Rue21 is only $18.99 and it is so lovely. I could think quickly of a half dozen ways to style it when I came upon it in the store and in case you needed some ideas on how to style a skirt like this I am going to show you the 3 ways I first chose to style this skirt.

teal blouse with mint and coral floral print chiffon arrow maxi skirt, modest outfit ideaI love the flow of this skirt in the warm spring breeze. This skirt is lightweight and has a knee length lining, and a wide elastic waist band for a comfortable fit.

My first though when I saw this skirt was to pair it with mint or teal, but to be honest that is usually my first thought with most skirts. I just love mint and teal, always have.

teal sandals and teal top with mint and coral chiffon arrow maxi, modest outfit ideaThe base of the skirt is more of an off white, or beige color, so I added this great cream bib necklace onto this teal blouse I purchased last summer from Kohl’s. The blouse went perfectly with these teal platform wedges I found last summer at Cato Fashions. They don’t appear to be selling these great shoes again this year but I saw a great pair of sling back platform wedges in a similar color for only $11.99!


beige lace top with mint and coral chiffon arrow maxi, modest outfit ideaFor my second look, I grabbed this great scalloped lace beige tee from Walmart. You can find it online at Walmart.com, they have several colors available, the one pictured above is the color “fruit khaki.”

scalloped lace beige tee and mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit

This skirt is such a fun style. If you are not going for a contrasting look and you have a busy print like this, what I like to do is try to pick one or two colors from the skirt to coordinate with.

For this look the beige top picks up on the base color of the skirt as well as the waist band.

This pink bib necklace from New York and Company is as close to the coral color as I currently have, but I love the way it looks with this outfit.

scalloped lace beige tee and mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit for springThis skirt is so elegant with such a relaxed feel to it. It hit me just at my ankle in the front and back. The sides come up which create the arrow shape referred to in the name of the skirt from Rue21.

Nude sling back heels finished off another great look with this skirt. coral button up top with mint and coral floral chiffon arrow maxi skirt modest outfit idea I have had this coral button up top in my closet for longer than I am willing to admit. This top is a barely worn Target find from ages ago and went perfectly with this skirt.

This coral color is everywhere right now, so even though this top is not recent, finding a new top in this color will not be challenging this spring.

coral, orrange pink button up top with mint and coral chiffon maxi skirt modest outfitGot my teal platform sandals again and this time went with a simple pendant, tassel necklace with turquoise color. This necklace is from Burke’s Outlet (I still love that store).

coral button up, teal pendant tassel necklace, platform wedges with coral and mint chiffon maxi skirt modest outfit This is going to be an easy go to skirt for all of spring. Rue21 also has this style of skirt available in black and bright orange, if you are feeling a solid kind of vibe.

I think this will be a great skirt if you are going on vacation, super comfy and you are going to look amazing in all those photos you post on social media.

What is your favorite new clothing article you have found for spring?

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!


Buffalo Plaid Vest only $24.99!
Plus Midi Skirts for $11.99

Hello and thank you for visiting. I am so glad you are here. My readers are so important to me which is why I want you to know the links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Many people ask me where I get my clothes, and it is no secret I love a good online bargain. Saving money from my computer chair while the munchkins play with blcoks is a great day of shopping in my book.

I want you to save money with me though, so I want to be sure to share the great deals with you.

I was so excited when I saw this deal on Jane.com I could not wait to tell you about it. I have been wanting to get the thicker stripe Buffalo Plaid style vest for the fall and winter seasons, but the J.Crew one was just a bit more than I wanted to pay and though I love the Buffalo Plaid vest being sold at Belk I was hoping to get one that was not that shiny puffer material. (I already have 2 puffer vest)

The vest on sale today at Jane.com has a flannel exterior! It is silly how excited I am about that.

flannel buffalo plaid vest from janeIf you love this Flannel Buffalo Plaid Vest get it while you can. Sizes go all the way up to XL and they sell out fast, and the sale only last a few days.

As long as you are headed to Jane, I have to share with you just one other deal they have going today that I just think is absolutely great.

Today on Jane.com they have these great pencil skirts for only $11.99!

modest stretchy pencil skirts great deal on janeThese gorgeous pull on, midi length skirts come in 13 different styles (just showed you 3 of my favorites above).

What I love about these stretchy skirts, besides how super comfy they are, is that they are great for fall and spring. It’s hard to find these in stores, and when you do they can be pricey that is why I love Jane; they have a ton of great prices

Add leggings and boots, a vest, sweater, and scarf, and you have the perfect fall outfit, or just grab a tee and some flip flops and you are ready for a hot day. So versatile and so affordable.

Click Here to get your skirt for only $11.99!





Favorite Fall Tops Found at Walmart

It is so expensive to create a lot of color and variety in your wardrobe without dropping a fortune and it is so time consuming going from store to store trying to find the perfect pieces at the perfect prices all while only bringing home pieces that you love.

I know the struggle all too well. I know that a lot of my savvy friends can do very well supplementing their wardrobe with items from thrift stores and I try to do that when I can, but I have a hard time finding great pieces that way.

Let me help you with the struggle by showing you some amazing tops available right now at Walmart. I have scoured their in store and online inventory so you don’t have to and I am only showing you the greatest, most affordable, on trend tops (and a vest) for fall.

Favorite Fabulous Fall Tops from Walmart

What is great about clothes from Walmart is the price. Brand new, a button up top from Walmart is only going to cost you $14 and the prices only get better from there. Is this going to be something you can wear for years to come? Maybe not, but in my experience the children are just as likely to get chocolate chip cookie smudges on a $14 top as they are to get it on a $50 one so might as well save money where I can.

Here are some great deals on some trendy pieces you can get right now.

  1. Long Sleeve Thermal Tees only $7.88

long sleeve thermal tees - fab fall fashion finds from walmart 2015These are great for layering. I’m not a huge fan of the thermal material but I really like the prints on these. Plus they are great for layering under a vest or a cardigan.

The blue Aztec style top pictured above has skulls on it if you look closely, you almost can’t tell, so I wanted to let you know they were there so they don’t sneak up on you in the store.

All these prints are perfect for fall and I love the long cuff on the sleeves. Can’t go wrong with Aztec, plaid and leopard.

You can find these in the junior’s section at your local Walmart or click here to order one from Walmart.com.

2. Plush Plaid Button Ups only $12.88

plush plaid button - fav fab fall fashion finds from walmart 2015This top is available in at least 5 colors and I am totally crushing on plaid for fall.

I didn’t and won’t buy all the tops on this list, but this is one of the few i actually picked up.

I bought the red one, add a pop of bright red lipstick, a stellar necklace and about 10 inches of rain and this made for a great addition to my closet.

red and black plaid top with black pencil skirt and boots, modest outfit ideaExcuse my super cheesy smile my husband was making me laugh.

You can click here to buy this top online from Walmart.

3. Floral and lace dolman top only $8.36

floral and lace dolman top fav fab fashion tops from walmart 2015Okay, okay I bought this one too. But it was only $7, I think my store must’ve had it on clearance.

I love this pink and black floral look for fall. I have a burgundy skirt that is going to go great with this and I bet you do too. This is going to look great with a black vest or a burgundy or blush cardigan there are so many options.

Here’s a quick cell phone shot I grabbed while I was out.

pink and black floral top from walmartIt has a sheer lace panel in the back and the material itself seems to be a bit sheer so I will be layering this piece with a black tank. Fine with me because I’m kind of a layers girl anyway.

You can be sure to find me posting an outfit pic of this top in the upcoming weeks.

You can click here to buy this online from Walmart.com.

4. Gray and Blue Heart Patterned Long sleeve tee

Just so happens, as I am doing these in no particular order, that these last 3 are all ones which I have purchased. I find deals all over the place, but I try to do all my shopping in 4 or so outings. I just don’t have time to go shopping every Saturday so I end up having a lot of new things all at once. At least I kept my budget, but I digress…

This top is so cute and I cannot believe the price!

light blue long sleeve top with gray heart pattern - fav fall fashion finds from walmart 2015So here is where I found it. Out grocery shopping and headed to the check out glancing over knowing that I only had 2 long sleeve tops tucked in a drawer at home and thinking how I didn’t have much money to get a new one. Especially considering the cost of a heaping cart of groceries I was pushing toward the checkout.

The tops were only $6.88 so I thought I would see if they even had long sleeves, I was thinking that might cost extra.

Lo and behold they were long sleeve, but the heart patterned top was the only one I really liked. Turns out I more than like it. I super love it, it is so adorable and I received a ton of compliments on it, and a few “where did you get that?” comments on Instagram. So maybe it is a hit after all.

light blue long sleeve top with gray hearts, rain boots, and braided hair; modest outfit ideaI wore my heart patterned top with my rain boots and this gray pencil skirt from Old Navy (skirt was purchased last year) to take the kids to a corn maze last week. Looked better than expected and feels great. I did have to up 2 sizes, but the size on the tag does not bother me, cause, frankly, I looked great. It’s not funny, stop laughing.

Okay, okay, it’s a little funny.

heart print long sleeve scoop neck tee - fab fall fashion finds from walmart 2015You can find this online at Walmart.com by clicking here or you can find it at your local store. This top came in a lot of different colors as well, the green camoflouge could be cute too.

So many cute combos available with these.

5. Crew neck long sleeve sweaters just $10

Walmart Finds

I may go back and get this sweater with polka dots. I am really on the long hard hunt for a white sweater with black polka dots, but so far I have found only one (and it is perfect) but it is $40 and I am holding out on the off chance I can find a better deal.

Well if you like these sweaters you are in luck because they are only $10 a piece. Actually they are only $9.88, they are Faded Glory brand and sold in the women’s department, unlike everything else I have posted up to now that has been junior’s.

They are totally sold out online.

whowaitwalmart wearing fav fab walmart sweatersHere is a pic of one of the ladies from @whoawaitwalmart of Instagram wearing these great sweaters in both of these fabulous prints.

I was at a random store way out from my house when I saw these cute sweaters, but they were fully stocked there with lots of these sweaters so I suspect you could have some luck getting these in stores.

6. Black and white buffalo plaid button front top only $13.94

black and white buffalo plaid button front top - fab fall fashion finds from walmart 2015I mentioned that I am loving plaid for fall this year. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing a plaid tee shirt dress, cause that sounds amazing. However, until I find an amazing deal on one of those, I couldn’t wait to show you this great priced top from Walmart.

I searched and searched and was not able to find a link to buying this top online, which could mean that they have already sold their online inventory, I don’t know for sure.

If you are headed to Walmart and you know you are a sucker for buffalo plaid you should definitely check this out. I can already hear the sound of my children asking me to put tiny figurines and lollipop wrappers in the cute pockets on the front of this top.

7. Red and Black Plaid Puffer Vest only $12.88

red and black plaid puffer vest from walmart - favorite fabulous fall 2015 fashion finds from walmartOkay, I have not seen this vest in person so I am not sure exactly how it is. I do know however, that it has already sold out once, and new stock has since been added so there is no telling how long it will last this time.

I have seen it posted a couple of days ago on Instagram by @teacherscloset and it was super cute so, I’m sold. You can check out her account by clicking here to see how she styled it.

8. Bonus Clearance Find – Teal and black polka dot sweater

This one is a long shot I know as it was a clearance find with only a few left on the rack, but it was too fantastic not to share. I have like 5 prints that I am obsessed with, and I have to be careful to make sure I don’t end up with all the same pattern in my closet. Yet still I did end up with 5 striped skirts, but I promise they are all completely different. No, really. Well at least I think so.

Anyway, so here is another print I love for fall; large polka dots. Although I did love it in spring, it’s super versatile and fabulous when done right, and this top falls right into that category.

I try to always give a quick glance at the clearance rack to see if anything catches my eye, but I’m not likely to spend a long time digging through every piece in my size. I’d rather pay more to only have to spend half the time shopping, but that just me.

blue and black polka dot sweater - fav fall fashion finds at walmart 2015This top is worth heading over to those mish-moshed clearance racks and taking a look. You just never know what you might find.

So there it is my favorite looks for fall available right now at Walmart or on Walmart.com.

Shockingly I am in no way affiliated with Walmart and they are not paying me in any way to show you guys these clothes. I just wanted to try and help my fabulous, fashionable readers by showing you these cute tops.

I am trying to make sure that I don’t buy all my clothes in only one place but the more I look back over the pictures of these clothes the more I find myself wondering why I left so many of these great tops behind. Do I need a red and black gingham and a buffalo plaid vest? Such serious first world problems hahaha.

I hope you saw something you loved. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite find I didn’t mention or if you already have already purchased any thing posted, let me know how you like it.

Where do you find the best deals on clothes?






Cute Planner Supplies
for $1 or Less

I love decorating my planner. I don’t always find time to get every week looking pretty, but I usually decorate my planner at least 3 weeks out of the month. I know that planner supplies can get super expensive, and the planner itself can be pretty pricey as well.

Right now I am using a notebook I made into a planner and another planner for homeschool I printed up and had bound at the local office supply store for about $5. I don’t decorate my homeschool planner so that is one way i save money.

I made the homeschool planner so I purposely made sure that it would have a lot of lovely things throughout so it wouldn’t get bulky with washi tape and sticky notes, just in case my homeschool association ask to look at it.

We all like saving money and having pretty things, and sometimes it can be pretty tricky to do both. I admit finding wonderful inexpensive things can take time. I don’t always have a lot of time, but I do have 3 go to places where I feel like I am guaranteed to find inexpensive supplies for my planner

Joann planner supplies from the dollar spotNumber one place (which I cannot always get to because it if far from where I live) is Joann Stores.

They have a section in their scrapbooking section that is filled with lots of items that cost just $1. Even better, periodically these items go on sale for 50% off, which means that you can get each item in that section for only $.50 each!

If you are lucky it may even happen on a weekend that their is a coupon out for 20% off your total purchase, which is what happened to me. The photo above are all items from the $1 section of scrapbooking items. My entire purchase was less than $8. Phenomenal.

Dollar Tree stores washi tape, inexpensive planner suppliesNext up is Dollar Tree Stores. Did you know that Dollar Tree sells washi tape. There is a Dollar Tree not too far from here in North Chaleston (South Carolina) near an Old Navy store that is absolutely the biggest Dollar General I have ever been to.

I have heard some people say that their Dollar Tree location does not sell the washi tape, but it is worth checking because each roll is only $1, and some of them are super cute.

While you are at the dollar store don’t forget to check out the stickers in the school supplies section and nearby to the greeting cards.

I have found the cutest Eiffel tower sticker theirs. The package was 96 Eiffel Tower stickers (or 4 sheets) for only $1!

Target dollar spot planner supplies, inexpensive planner suppliesLastly the Target Dollar Spot. They have a lot of great things in the dollar spot at Target. I love to look in there for office supplies and activities for my children. Better than getting them a candy bar any day.

I have also recently found that they have a lot of wonderful things for planner addicts like me.

If you are looking for inexpensive planner supplies check the Target Dollar spot for items like the cute pens pictured above, to sticky notes, to do list pads, and even washi tape! They also sell stamps and candles and clip boards. Careful though, those dollars can add up quickly.

The candles I purchased in the picture above were not $1, but they are super cute and they smell good, and they really made that picture look pretty, right?

The pens pictured above came 2 or 3 to a pack and I can’t remember the last time my pen ran out of ink or I used and entire pad of sticky notes. Pretty good investment for $1.

You can really find some great deals on planner supplies if you are patient and consistent. I hardly ever go out just to find planner supplies. Almost never, really. I just stop by the $1 spot at Target whenever I am in there (which is way too often) and I do pretty well.

Remember that you don’t need to have a lot of stuff to make your planner beautiful. One sheet of stickers and some washi tape can really go a long way.

Have fun with it, don’t let it take up too much of your time (unless you have lots of time), quick and easy, simple and affordable can still make a gorgeous planner.