2016 Year at a Glance Full Page Printable

2015 and 2016 year at a glance full page free printableHello all, we are just about ready to start school again around here, and like last year I am going to be compiling my own homeschool planner from a series of printables.

I use a full page planner for my home school planner and print it myself and have it bound at an office supply store. The binding cost is less than $5, so it is a great option for me. I wanted my planner to be gorgeous and colorful, so I went to work making the pages just the way I wanted including quotes and colorful monthly dividers and I will give you all a closer look at that planner as it comes together. Hoping to have it completely printed by this time next week. I have a few updates I need to do to it, before I print it for next years use.

One of the pages I am updating is the year at a glance. We do August to June for home school around here, and found it most fluid to just have each full calendar year on each page.

I added a few things I found useful to me that were not available to me in my planner from last year.


  • Days of the week headings
  • 6 week per month layout allows for no overlapping days
  • Note section at the bottom of each month to add a (tiny bit) of additional info as needed
  • Colorful monthly titles

2016 free full page printable preview

>> Download HERE 2016 Year at a Glance Full Page Free Printable Calendar<<

I love how it turned out and think that they are just perfect for my needs I will write in a few important dates here and add washi tape to mark off sections when we will not have school because of birthdays and holidays, and I will share that with you when I am done.
2015 free full page printable preview
If you need it I have also included the 2015 full page calendar I created for my planner.

>>Download Here – 2015 Year at a Glance Full Page Free Printable Calendar <<

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.

Lowercase Alphabet Flash Cards
Free Printable

It’s quickly approaching the end of the school year, and I try to take my time and let my children learn at their own pace as it is one of the many benefits of home school. Around this time though we are reviewing all of the concepts taught so far this year in order to see where anyone may be struggling. For some topics I will just make a note to spend extra time here when we start the next grade, depends really on what the material is. My son who just turned 5 last week is in K4 this year and is having a tough time learning his lower case letters. Last year when my daughter was in K4 she only really struggled with 4 of the lower case letters that all look terribly similar (p,q,b,d), so this was not something I had to deal with.

At this point in the year though we are starting to read words, and I prefer that he read them in all lower case, but he is having some trouble with that. I am thrilled how well he know his letter sounds, and I am sure that he can learn the lower case letters before it is time to start K5 if we just spend about 5 minutes a day working on lower case letter activities.

We are daily matching lower case letters to their matching uppercase counter parts, but my son really loves flash cards so I typed these up for him last night and wanted to share.

I am definitely going to laminate mine, and we may add some washi tape to the edges to give them a little extra color, plus I love washi tape and have lots of it around, so why not.

I don’t always have time, but when I do I love making my kids flash cards and work sheets. I love adding their favorite graphics like dinosaurs or princesses. Often, by adding these personal touches I am able to tell them “remember what we learned on our dinosaur worksheet?”. That is wonderful, but sometimes I would like them to have something super simple that just has the information and no clues or hints.

With that in mind I set out to make these flash cards. Worked out great for me because I was able to make these flash cards in less than 2 hours last night. When I am adding multiple graphics sometimes I will have to work on things over the course of days or weeks.

I used 2 different fonts so that these cards would reflect the manuscript characters I am teaching them in home school. Next year in K5 I do take time to teach the alternative ways to write manuscript letter a and g and other letters that can commonly be seen in different fonts. We also practice with different books, because you can never tell how each letter will be written from book to book. Hopefully by the time we are learning the different ways manuscript letters can be written we will already have learned these basic lower case letters.

colorful lower case flash cards free printable from smartandsavvymom.com

This pdf file is set up to be printed directly onto index cards. I prefer to do index card sizes because they are the easiest to laminate with the pre-sized laminate sheets. To laminate these cards I will be using these >> Thermal Laminating Pouches, 3.7 Inches x 5.2 Inches, 20 Pouches from Amazon.com.

Make sure that when you are printing these that you select your paper size “3×5 Index cards” and that you select whether or not you want to use black ink only or print in color.

>>Download Here – 3 by 5 lower case alphabet flash cards – <<

colorful lower case alphabet flash cards sixe 3x5 free printableTip: once printed, laminate these cards so that they will be more durable. Print multiple copies to use these cards to spell words.

Hope you find these cards very useful. Please leave any comments, questions or request in the comments.

Books of The Old and New Testament Free Printable Songs

One of the great things about teaching my own children is how many new things I get to learn. I find that every time I go to prepare a Bible lesson for my children I most always pick up a new fact that I didn’t know before. I often add in facts that weren’t included in the lesson as well. Some days I really love teaching them.

I sometimes feel disadvantaged because I didn’t go to Sunday School or church or christian school as a child. So some of the basic things like the names of 12 apostles or the books of the Bible were not things that I memorized as a child. I can’t help but be reflective often as I prepare lessons and songs for my kids.

As an adult I sometimes find myself, smiling, I’m so lucky that my children will learn the Bible from a young age. I know idea what they will remember when they are 30, but I am fortunate they will have many hours learning bible during their school time.

For this weeks printable song, I am including the “Books of the New Testament,” and the “Books of the Old Testament”.

books of the bibile free printable song card previewAs a young adult I had to learn the books of the New Testament for a class I was taking, but I never did learn the books of the Old Testament. I always thought that as I continued to read my Bible each year that I would just some how learn them over time.

That did not happen. (haha) I am hoping that by teaching them to my children I will learn them eventually. I am fairly certain that my children already know them better than I do.

I wonder how long til they figure out that Brining in the Sheaves sound so awfully similiar tro their Books of the Bible Song.

Click here to Download >>Books of the Bible Free Printable Song Cards<<

Please enjoy!

Behold What Manner of Love Free Printable Song

I love singing with my kids during our home school time. When I first started teaching with them I made sure to make song cards that we use every day. It helps my little ones to have a visual to go with each song until they are able to read them. I made sure each song had one main image so that in the future I could just print the titles with the main image and we could select songs this way.

I am re working my music curriculum, we are still going to focus on songs, but I want to add learning about instruments and reduce the number of songs we learn each year to around 30.

As I’m going through these cards I wanted to share some with you. I started doing this a while back and am happy to start up again.

Going to try to add these once a week until I get through the 30 we will be using this year.

behold what manner of love free printableWe were working on this one during all the Valentine’s Day festivities. We sing it much like this version on Youtube.

You can download yours here >> Behold What Manner of Love Printable Song <<

I hope you enjoy these, if you have any request please leave them in the comments below or email me – Ashley@smartandsavvymom.com

Tr Phonics Blend Free Printable Worksheet Pack

We are using A beka this year for K5 we used it last year for K4 and so far we really like it. We are nearing our 100th day of school and went ahead and started doing the special sounds and phonic blends. We follow along pretty closely with the lesson plan, but we are just doing the flash cards as she learns them. My 6 year old is loving it and I wanted to print her a few worksheets to go along with the lessons she has been enjoying so much. I found a couple things on Teachers Pay Teachers worth checking out, but I love to make worksheets so I went ahead and made a set to go with the tr consonant blend. Most of the free printables I saw (and I admit I didn’t look long, because I guess I wanted to make a worksheet!) were a little advanced for my Kindergarten student.

tr consonant blend free printable worksheet pack kindergarten - smartandsavvymomI’m not sure if this format will work for all the special sounds and consonant blends, but I am looking forward to making a couple more of these sets. I included 4 worksheets in this pack so you can split them up over the course of a school week.

First a coloring sheet emphasizing the basic blend. We have a train on the flash card that came with our curriculum so I went ahead with that image. You definitely don’t need to have the same curriculum as we do to use thee worksheets though. At the bottom of this worksheet is a place to trace and write the word train.

tr consonant blend free printable worksheet kindergarten - smartandsavvymom

Image: download PDF below

Next up a follow the path worksheet. My kids both love these. I have actually pruchased 2 workbooks of just mazes because they love them so much. Nothing like helping the tractor find it’s way to the barn, right?

Image. Download the PDF below via the link

Image. Download the PDF below via the link

Next worksheet has your student match the word to the picture. I used simple words that my 6 year old can read for herself. Of course there are a ton of words with this beginning sound, but I wanted to use words that could be easily pictured and maybe even read without help from teacher.

Image above: Download below via PDF link

Image above: Download below via PDF link

Last I lined up a bunch of different pictures so that my 6 year old could circle only the ones where the “tr” sound is heard as the beginning sound. I feel pretty certain that my daughter is going to like this one most, and I am wishing that I had time to make more like it, but alas. I could get lost for sure thinking  of all things my daughter likes and I don’t find time to do more of with her, but let’s just keep it positive. Added a little hint to remind my student that tr says the “tr sound like in trunk.”

Image. Download the PDF via the link below

Image. Download the PDF via the link below

Hope you all enjoy these. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

>>tr Free Printable Worksheet Pack Click Here to View PDF<<

I got all my images from Pixabay.

Free Printable Worksheet
Kindergarten Number Families

Sometimes when I am trying to review something with my little one I find that she has not quite grasped the subject so I like to make or find additional worksheets, especially since the “extra practice” worksheets included in the curriculum we use do not always cover what we need to review.
We are working on number families which is helping her to pick up reading numbers quite well. Once she had it mastered we moved on to other things for a while and I found that when we came back to it she needed a little extra work in that area. I looked online and couldn’t find anything I liked for number family review so I made this worksheet.
printable kindergarten math number families adding on 1Click here to print > number family practice worksheet

I’ll probably make a few more, though after a few days of review she seemed to pick up on the number family concept again. Also added on a 1+1 equation on the bottom since we are also working on adding on 1. My 5 year old daughter seemed to like these. Might be able to use with do-a-dot markers, but we haven’t tried it yet.

Thought I would add it here for those of you looking for a number family worksheet. We use A Beka not sure if any others use this concept, but we like it around here. Showed this to my husband and he couldn’t even tell it was “home made”

Hope you enjoy it!

Free Homeschool Planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler

confessions free homeschool plannerI’ve come to the realization that with my second child starting preschool this year, I am going to have to get my homeschool lessons more organized. I just went lesson by lesson with one student last year, but I cannot do that this year. I was pretty happy to find that Confessions of a Homeschooler has a special going for the month of September; you can get her Arrow Style Lesson Planner for Free! She has it  a couple of other styles as well for only $5.

These are available for instant download. So you will have to either punch holes and put them in a binder or take them to a local office supply store to get them bound in a notebook form. Also you will need a pdf viewer to be able to view and print them. I have used things from this website before and I like a lot of what I have purchased. Love her letter practice sheets for my little ones and am looking forward to using this planner, though I might go back and purchase a floral one after I check it out.


Printable Letter I worksheet
Disney Planes Theme

My 4 year old son is doing preschool this year. The curriculum we use starts with short vowel sounds and then builds on those to with consonants to start them reading right away. He asked me today for a worksheet with an airplane on it instead of a caterpillar so I whipped this up for him. Thought I would share for anyone reading with a little guy who likes Planes as much as my little guy.

Click the link to download a PDF >>Letter I is for Ishani Planes Theme Worksheet

Letter I planes worksheet

Preschool Devotional Song of the Week Card 2

This week I am posting the song As the Deer. I liked making this one because all the small photos seemed like it would make it easier for the kids to learn the words more quickly. Hoping to learn a new visual song each week. Wanted to have something I could put up on a bulletin board and something I could hold up as a visual aid as we learned a new song each week.

As The Deer (click title to download)

Created for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 size paper. We printed ours on cardstock and then laminated it for what will hopefully  be years of use!

Look for a new song to be posted each week as I get them ready for school around here. Hope you enjoy it!

Preschool Devotional Song of the Week Cards, (Printable)

Made these for my little ones now that we are starting homeschool. Wanted to have something I could put up on a bulletin board and something I could hold up as a visual as we learned a new song each week.

He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield (click title to download)

Created for printing on standard 8.5 x 11 size paper. We printed ours on cardstock and then laminated it for what will hopefully  be years of use!

My little ones like this song because it has motions. Wanted to share these with you for those who are interested in using these at home or in Sunday school. Please share with your friends!

Look for a new song to be posted each week as I get them ready for school around here. Hope you enjoy it!