Three Free Printable Erin Condren Planner Covers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Oh these gorgeous planner covers. I do so love them you guys.

Love this life free printable planner cover for valentine's day #erincondren

Finished, laminated cover on my planner

February is here and I am ready to dive back into planner decorating. I have a tendency to make big plans and then never complete them because I didn’t have everything lined up just how I wanted them to beforehand.

Plans are a fickle thing aren’t they? You make a good effort to accomplish things that are noble and then life happens.

Nevertheless, I am strong willed and determined, and I am not giving up. I have things to plan and goals to accomplish.

This year I bought my Erin Condren LIfe Planner at Staples. I was so excited to see that they are selling them at select Staples locations now. If you haven’t gotten yours already, you can save $10 when you order your Erin Condren Planner through this link.

I liked being able to use a coupon on Erin Condren planner when I picked it up my planner, and I definitely loved being able to have my planner right away. The only thing missing was the ability to personalize my planner and all the extras that come in that lovely shipping box.

To be honest though, last year I got all those beautiful extras and never used a single one. Since I really love to personalize my planner myself, I figured I would make the retail store version of the planner work this year. Plus, I may have been a bit behind on ordering it in time for the new year.

Valentine's themed free printable erin condren planner coversI’m so excited to share some beautiful planner covers for February.

I wanted to be able to make my cover reversible so I had to make more than one. I went through a few failures, before I settled on these three favorites. I think I might keep the striped one on way past February, I love it so much and I hope you will love them too.

I went ahead and made these planner covers to be printed on standard size paper or card stock. I have yet to find specially sized paper that is the same size as the Erin Condren Planner. Cutting this simple rectangle out should prove simple enough though.

If you are planning on making your reversible, remember that the inside cover of your planner will be upside down. I printed mine and taped them together with double sided adhesive before laminating. Very, very easy.

love this life free printable planner cover, erin condren life planner valentine's day planner cover>>Click here to download FREE Printable Love this Life Planner cover <<

Click the above link to download the printable file of the “Love this Life” Planner cover. Print, laminate and then you will need to line your laminated cover up with your removable cover that came on your planner to mark where the holes will be.

I manually punch mine with a 1/8 hole punch and then place it on my planner with the aid of a pencil to force the plastic down between the binding. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to anser them.

Smartandsavvymom, Free Printable - love arrow mint and gold erin condren planner cover>>Click here to download FREE Printable Gold and Mint “Love” Planner Cover with Arrows<<<

I am having a color crush on mint lately, or always. Teal, turquoise; I am a cool tones kind of girl. I wasn’t sure I would make it the entire month of February with black and pink so I wanted to be sure to have something with my favorite colors that still fit the occasion.

I am pretty sure I can make gold and mint appropriate for all occasions though.

smartandsavvymom, Love flag banner and flowers Free Printable planner cover>>Click here to download FREE Printable “Love” Flag banner Valentine’s Day Planner Cover <<

Lastly is this great cover which almost made me create a fourth design just so I didn’t have to chose only two. The flags on the banners have tiny white polka dots and we are sticking with the “love” theme.

Love banner fre printable planner cover for valentine's day for #erincondren

I am not really big on Valentine’s Day for no particular reason. February, however, is the month that my husband first asked me to be his girlfriend, so I can’t help feeling extra romantic this time of year.

This year my husband and will have been a couple 15 years. I am a lucky woman.

I hope you enjoy these planner covers as much as I do, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day.

Stay tuned for some upcoming Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, I am pretty excited to get all dolled up in pink and red.

Thanks for stopping by!


Free Printable 30 day Skin Care Routine Tracker

So it is 2016 you guys! I love new years, new months, and even new weeks really. Every Monday I am sure I am going to accomplish some major goal that I haven’t been able to accomplish and start some new habit that’s going to lead to my success.

My favorite thing to do to achieve my goals are charts and challenges. I love adding little stickers to my planner and keeping charts and graphs to track my progress.

I am working on a bunch of lovely printables to help me stay on top of my goals in 2016 and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

(Scroll to the bottom to download your Skincare Routine Printable)

So among my many goals is getting on track with a skincare routine. I tend to complain a lot about the state of my skin and then do nothing about it, because I’m not sure what to do and I’m sure I don’t have the time to figure out how.

Well, as it turns out, that course of action hasn’t improved the condition of my skin in anyway. So I’m going to quit with the way of excuses and keep myself accountable by using this, 30 day skincare printable tracker and inviting a friend (in this case my beautiful sister) to play along. If you are a checklist lover like me than this may be perfect for you, and I hope many of you will find it useful.

30 day skincare routine printable preview titleOn this printable I have provided a suggested skincare routine. It’s a pretty general list and I’m sure I have not covered everything you might be using, but this can still be useful to keep track of making sure not to miss a day. There are so many great products between night cream, and serums, acne treatments and cleanser there is too much to cover.

I personally, don’t like putting 12 items on my face all at once. I like to do something like…

  • One or two products to remove dirt (cleanse and exfoliate or cleanser and make-up remover),
  • Toner
  • Something to help with under eye circles
  • Night cream or Antiaging
  • Moisturizer

Unfortunately I am super inconsistent and always miss a step or 2.

I am going to try and work on adding in one product consistently every month or couple of months. This month I am going to try a night cream I received as a bonus gift with purchase. I will also be removing make-up with a wipe before cleansing, and adding a hand cream to my daily routine.

I’m very interested to see what results I might have if only I were consistent with my skin care.

Do you have any skincare products you swear by? Please share in the comments.

30 day skincare routine printable previewYou can find the suggested skincare regimens at the top of the sheet separated by day and night routines.

I plan on starting my weeks on Mondays, but of course if you are a Sunday person, or what have you, you may begin whenever. The idea is to take it 30 days at a time (even though I realize the months may have more or less that that). After the 30 days, I will review my skincare routine, based on my results or how I liked or disliked a product, restock and start over.

I will probably keep these in a binder where I can keep notes and look back on my progress. Hopefully at some point it will just be a given that I do my skincare routine in the morning out of habit, like brushing my teeth, but until then this lovely printable will be a fun tool to use.

Of course, besides the skincare regimen list and the AM/PM check boxes, I added in some lovely flowers and a graphic to make it pretty. Pretty things keep me motivated. I am a very visual person and plain black text just does nothing for me.

So wash your face, moisturize, treat , and then check your boxes. Here is to a more consistent skincare routine and a year filled with goal conquering.

>> Click Here to Download your Free Printable 30 day, day and night Skincare Routine Tracker <<<

It is a .pdf file, so just download open and print and you should be ready to go. Set your print settings to ‘print without border’ for the best results printing.

Have a beautiful day,


Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine

Just wanted to share with you that there is a free subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine available right now through Mercury Rewards.

I have gotten a lot of great free subscriptions through this site, so it is tried and true. If only they also gave some way for me to find a way to read all those great magazines arriving at my door.

weight watchers magazineJust head over HERE to enter your info for you free subscription.

Usually how it works is you answer a short survey and in return for your help you get a free magazine subscription. The surveys are usually super short (like less than 3 minutes) so, definitely worth it.

(Thanks Hip2Save!)

2016 Year at a Glance Full Page Printable

2015 and 2016 year at a glance full page free printableHello all, we are just about ready to start school again around here, and like last year I am going to be compiling my own homeschool planner from a series of printables.

I use a full page planner for my home school planner and print it myself and have it bound at an office supply store. The binding cost is less than $5, so it is a great option for me. I wanted my planner to be gorgeous and colorful, so I went to work making the pages just the way I wanted including quotes and colorful monthly dividers and I will give you all a closer look at that planner as it comes together. Hoping to have it completely printed by this time next week. I have a few updates I need to do to it, before I print it for next years use.

One of the pages I am updating is the year at a glance. We do August to June for home school around here, and found it most fluid to just have each full calendar year on each page.

I added a few things I found useful to me that were not available to me in my planner from last year.


  • Days of the week headings
  • 6 week per month layout allows for no overlapping days
  • Note section at the bottom of each month to add a (tiny bit) of additional info as needed
  • Colorful monthly titles

2016 free full page printable preview

>> Download HERE 2016 Year at a Glance Full Page Free Printable Calendar<<

I love how it turned out and think that they are just perfect for my needs I will write in a few important dates here and add washi tape to mark off sections when we will not have school because of birthdays and holidays, and I will share that with you when I am done.
2015 free full page printable preview
If you need it I have also included the 2015 full page calendar I created for my planner.

>>Download Here – 2015 Year at a Glance Full Page Free Printable Calendar <<

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.

Behold What Manner of Love Free Printable Song

I love singing with my kids during our home school time. When I first started teaching with them I made sure to make song cards that we use every day. It helps my little ones to have a visual to go with each song until they are able to read them. I made sure each song had one main image so that in the future I could just print the titles with the main image and we could select songs this way.

I am re working my music curriculum, we are still going to focus on songs, but I want to add learning about instruments and reduce the number of songs we learn each year to around 30.

As I’m going through these cards I wanted to share some with you. I started doing this a while back and am happy to start up again.

Going to try to add these once a week until I get through the 30 we will be using this year.

behold what manner of love free printableWe were working on this one during all the Valentine’s Day festivities. We sing it much like this version on Youtube.

You can download yours here >> Behold What Manner of Love Printable Song <<

I hope you enjoy these, if you have any request please leave them in the comments below or email me –