Pink, Orange, and Black Running Outfit

I should probably call this a walking with a little jogging outfit. I did want to share though because I am pretty obsessed with these compression capris from Old Navy. I have only been running faithfully again for about 6 weeks. Using a couch to 5k plan that includes a lot of walking between running intervals (thank you Jesus).

pink and orange and black modest running, fitness, workout, outfit ideaI am not always highly motivated to work out. I have a busy life with a lot of little ones and I like to be with them all of the time. I know that trying to be fit is important, but it is difficult sometimes to sacrifice time away from my family. Also, let’s face it, pushing yourself to the limits of your physical abilities in public, while sweating in the hot sun is not always as fun as staying in and making play-doh camp fires.

Having something cute, colorful, and coordinated to workout in helps me to want to get dressed. Once I am dressed it is much more likely that I am going to actually go running, but no things in life are guaranteed (haha).

I have been trying to get in four to five runs a week. Laundry adds up quickly and so I wanted to add a couple pieces so that I wouldn’t have to keep up on the laundry as much.

I was so excited when I spotted these capris at Old Navy a few weeks ago.

pink and orange athletic capris from old navy on sale smartandsavvyActive wear can be so expensive so I am so happy to tell you that you can get these capris in the color shown or black for only $13!

I love that these Capris are compression, that flat panel at the top is nice if you like to keep things from *ahem* moving around while you work out.

pink and orange and black running outfit. Workout outfit with skirt. Modest running outfitAs nice as it is to have these form fitting capris keep everything in place I still feel more comfortable adding this skirt from Kohl’s. It has pockets which gives me a place to keep my glasses when the sun goes down. Also paired it with this pink top from JCPenney and my colorful Saucony Glide running shoes.

I actually found this fitness headband at Payless in a 2 pack for just $5. They were also buy one get one free, so I was able to get 3 headbands for a total of $5. Love little wins like this. The headband has a nonslip grip on the underside of it, which helped keep it in place some. As I recall, I had to take it off and put it back on twice during my 1 hour and 45 minute run, so it was pretty good. I have yet to find a headband that doesn’t come off at all for that period of time.

I was feeling confident in my outfit, and then when I went outside to run, it immediately started raining. At least I had time to take these pictures. (Don’t worry, I wore this outfit the next day).

This is my always hair style that I use when I work out. I cannot stand the feeling of my hair hitting my back when I am all hot from working out.  I prefer the Hot Buns brand because of the little snap that keeps the bun closed.

Nothing wrong with looking a little fabulous when you work out.


Frugal Fitness
Burn Calories While Raking

Well good news this autumn for all of us moms who can never find time to work out, raking leaves is a great calorie burner! Here is a great activity you can do for free, from home, and with the kids. It’s definitely a winner.

According to raking leaves can burn a whopping 350 calories an hour! So this should cheer you up if you were dreading raking. Don’t forget to hold your core muscles tight while you rake for some added benefit and try squatting instead of bending down to bag up those leaves.

I love that this is something I can take the kids with me to do. I love to walk and with little ones, I either have to find a way to push 3 people in a stroller or walk so slow I cannot burn a significant number of calories. Raking is great, because not only do I get my yard cleaned up, I can do it while my kids play nearby. A couple of hours of raking and I have worked up a sweat and burned an impressive 700 calories. What’s not to love?