Pink, Orange, and Black Running Outfit

I should probably call this a walking with a little jogging outfit. I did want to share though because I am pretty obsessed with these compression capris from Old Navy. I have only been running faithfully again for about 6 weeks. Using a couch to 5k plan that includes a lot of walking between running intervals (thank you Jesus).

pink and orange and black modest running, fitness, workout, outfit ideaI am not always highly motivated to work out. I have a busy life with a lot of little ones and I like to be with them all of the time. I know that trying to be fit is important, but it is difficult sometimes to sacrifice time away from my family. Also, let’s face it, pushing yourself to the limits of your physical abilities in public, while sweating in the hot sun is not always as fun as staying in and making play-doh camp fires.

Having something cute, colorful, and coordinated to workout in helps me to want to get dressed. Once I am dressed it is much more likely that I am going to actually go running, but no things in life are guaranteed (haha).

I have been trying to get in four to five runs a week. Laundry adds up quickly and so I wanted to add a couple pieces so that I wouldn’t have to keep up on the laundry as much.

I was so excited when I spotted these capris at Old Navy a few weeks ago.

pink and orange athletic capris from old navy on sale smartandsavvyActive wear can be so expensive so I am so happy to tell you that you can get these capris in the color shown or black for only $13!

I love that these Capris are compression, that flat panel at the top is nice if you like to keep things from *ahem* moving around while you work out.

pink and orange and black running outfit. Workout outfit with skirt. Modest running outfitAs nice as it is to have these form fitting capris keep everything in place I still feel more comfortable adding this skirt from Kohl’s. It has pockets which gives me a place to keep my glasses when the sun goes down. Also paired it with this pink top from JCPenney and my colorful Saucony Glide running shoes.

I actually found this fitness headband at Payless in a 2 pack for just $5. They were also buy one get one free, so I was able to get 3 headbands for a total of $5. Love little wins like this. The headband has a nonslip grip on the underside of it, which helped keep it in place some. As I recall, I had to take it off and put it back on twice during my 1 hour and 45 minute run, so it was pretty good. I have yet to find a headband that doesn’t come off at all for that period of time.

I was feeling confident in my outfit, and then when I went outside to run, it immediately started raining. At least I had time to take these pictures. (Don’t worry, I wore this outfit the next day).

This is my always hair style that I use when I work out. I cannot stand the feeling of my hair hitting my back when I am all hot from working out.  I prefer the Hot Buns brand because of the little snap that keeps the bun closed.

Nothing wrong with looking a little fabulous when you work out.


May Arm Challenge Results

I am so excited to post the results to my May 2015 Free Printable Arm Challenge. I hope you were able to find time to reach your fitness goals in May. I was so pleased with my results from the April Printable Arm Challenge, that I could hardly wait to see if there would be a difference after the May Challenge.

I wasn’t sure that I would be able to notice the results at the end of a second month of working out my arms exclusively. I knew for certain that the exercises would reap some benefits even if they weren’t tremendously noticeable so I went on with the challenge with no great hopes in mind.

smartandsavvymom Free Printable May 2015 arm challenge resultsThis month I actually timed myself since I had added more reps of each move and added weights which were definitely making the exercises take longer than the April Challenge. I was surprised that it was still less than 5 minutes!

If you are thinking about doing this, don’t let time be a factor. You don’t have to do it at the same time each day, you can find 5 minutes any time and do this. This challenge is so simple and so quick.

I can’t help but wonder what else I could change in 5 minutes a day. Imagine the possibilities in 15 minutes a day. I could really start dreaming about abs and better skin, but for now I am focused on this arm challenge.

After two months of arm challenges I am so pleased with how much improvement I have made.


Free Printable May 2015 arm challenge results My real goal for the arm challenge was to find a way to improve how I feel about myself in the mandatory short sleeves of summer. I wanted something that was going to be quick and was not going to be so difficult that I would quit early on (I have a tendency to do that).

I did some research on which exercises worked best for the different muscles in the arm and made a challenge I thought I could keep up with. I am so glad that I didn’t wait and started right away. My triceps are so much higher and tighter, I see a little roundness in my biceps and an indent has appeared over my triceps and under my biceps.

My children are excited too and they help me count, and they grab the little 1 and 2 pound weights and pretend to do the exercises along side of me some days. My 6 year old tells me “You are strong now”.

This is definitely working. I feel like it is necessary to mention that in the before pictures I am flexing as much as I can.

May arm challenge 3 part 60 day results For June I am repeating the May Arm Challenge, adding 8 pound weights, and 5 pound weights for the upright rows. I just did not have time to create a whole new challenge for June.

So far the challenge has been quick and easy and effective. I like to run or walk or do aerobics at home, but strength exercises at home is brand new for me.

Adding the 8 pound weights this month has caused me to have some soreness for the first time. I sailed through the first two months with no soreness at all, but I actually like that little ache and reminder that I worked out.

smartandsavvymom printable arm challenge results for april and may
Here is a picture of the 3 part results, so you can see how the results progressed over time. I have no idea why the lighting is so much different at the end of April. Maybe I had my flash up too high, but you can still see the change very well.

I hope that if you are feeling a little less than confident about how your arms look this summer or if you are just looking to feel a little better about yourself please check out my Arm Challenges from April and May (they are printable and free).

Have a great and fit and fabulous month of June.

My April 30 Day
Arm Challenge Results

april 30 day easy 5 minute arm challenge results title

One of the crazy things about sharing my outfits is that I have to constantly look at photos of myself. As a busy mom I just do not spend that much time in front of the mirror. Now resizing and posting photos I see more of myself than ever before.

I was getting along just fine in all those leggings and warm sweaters, and then on a particularly warm day in March, I wore my fist short sleeve shirt of spring. I wasn’t horrified, but I was dissapointed when I spotted by chubby pale winter arms.

I knew I couldn’t spend the whole spring or summer editing photos with those arms in them so I ran straight to Pinterest to find an arm challenge. I run, okay, I don’t do push ups or lift weights, I just run. I have no arm strength. I could use my arms to pick up children and break my fall, and that is about it.

So when I went scrolling through all those pins, what I mostly saw were arm challenges I could in now way complete.

So I did a little research on what exercises worked out which muscles and which ones I could reasonable complete and I created my own Arm Challenge for April. I (of course) made it a printable pdf so you could download it, print it, and then follow along with me. Also, of course you can pin the preview and follow along with me that way.

Most important for me was that the challenge was very quick and could be done by someone who doesn’t work out (like ever).

So here is how it went. Well it went very well actually. It took me less than 5 minutes each time and my 6 year old helped my by keeping track of my reps. I gave up on the burpees about half way through, because since I usually had 3 of my 4 children in the room with me, it was just too much movement to ensure safety. That is the reason the burpee doesn’t appear at all on my May Arm Challenge.

So here are the pictures of my results. I was very surprised how noticeable the difference is.

april 30 day easy 5 minute arm challenge results pictures side by side before and afterCrazy stuff. My triceps alone was enough to make my jaw drop. I can’t believe I was only 30 days away from better arms this whole time.

I was never sore for long. Usually by the next day I was ready to go again. I didn’t do this at the same time each day. Towards the end I always did my exercises in the morning so I could enjoy the peace of an empty room to do it in.

I did add weights. I used 3 pound weights for the arm circles and upright rows and 5 pound weights for the other exercises.

Let me break it down for you one more time.

april 30 day easy 5 minute arm challenge results pictures with labels 1 and 30My most noticeable result was definitely in my triceps (yay!). I also noticed results in 3 other places. I labeled 2 of those places above since they were visible in these photos. I saw improvement in my biceps, it was only 30 days so it is not like I am expecting to look like a body builder. I am just excited that you can see any change at all. I would say that I definitely see a difference in my bicep, and that a line (dare I say a muscle?) is appearing where the number 2 arrow is labeled.

I also found that when I flex the part of my arm that is facing the camera in this picture, it actually has an indentation now. It is my understanding that, that is the bottom of my bicep. Hopefully, after another round of arm exercises that will be visible on film.

I did not know what to expect as far as results. I am beyond thrilled with how this turned out. It’s not like I was constantly staring at myself in the mirror before, nor am I doing that now, so it is not something I constantly notice. I do, however, feel more confident, which is bizarre I think, but still I am enjoying it.

A few less muffins and doughnuts and I might really be on to something here. Seriously though, this is really encouraging to me. I am so glad that I chose to take photos so I could see the results, otherwise I wouldn’t believe it.

Of course you can do the April Arm Challenge any time. So don’t hesitate to get started right now. Five minutes a day of consistent effort and in 4 weeks a notable improvement. Of course your results may vary.

I’m sitting here wondering what else I could accomplish if I don’t get in my own way about it. I often talk myself out of things by convincing myself they are too hard or it will take too long. I love that quote by Earl Nightengale

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

I hope you will share your results if you participated. Tag me on Instagram (@smartnsavvymom) or find me on Facebook and let me know if you did this challenge.

See you next month with May’s results!


May 2015 Printable Arm Challenge

Even though I was mindful of my planner, and my arm challenge, and planning my son’s 5th birthday celebration, I still feel as if April just flew right by. Something about the cold months that seem like they drag on. Especially, when you are forced to be indoors with your little ones because it is too cold to play outside and you can’t take them anywhere when Daddy has our only vehicle at work.

So thankful for spring and warm weather, and tee shirts and beaches. With all this warm weather I realized that for the first time ever, I really care what my arms look like in those tee shirts.

I am trying to be more purposeful in what I put on, and so maybe I am more mindful of how things fit my body and that is why I have this new found knowledge of how my arms look. I am also fascinated by the idea that I could change the look of my arm with just a little bit of effort. I often talk myself out of even trying something, by convincing myself how difficult it is. (Before I have even tried it?!) I know, so what if I just try doing a few minutes of arm exercises each day. It seems highly unlikely that this minimal amount of exercise could harm me in anyway. Those sounded like famous last words. I have my weights sitting in a corner in my room, right in plain sight, and it has been dangerous to say the least.

I dabble in fitness, to put it loosely. When I was in high school and junior high I participated in sports, in college I used to hit the gym regularly as well as taking yoga classes. Even when I was newly married I used to work out constantly, and then I had children and things changed.

I am not qualified in any way to give fitness advice, I can only tell you this, I am going to consistently workout this month. I am going to focus on my arms, and I am going to do it in just a few minutes a day, because I am a busy, blogging, mommy.

I am not happy with how my arms look and I think I could improve them. With the workout I designed I expect I will see some results, which is better than the results I will see if I do nothing.

I saw a ton of 30 day challenges online and to be completely honest when I read them I felt like I was not going to be able to do them, because of my fitness level. So if you want to do something quick and simple, you should definitely join me. Let’s have fun.

may 2015 phase 2 arm challenge for beginners preview pic

About the Challenge: I chose exercises that were simple and that focused primarily on triceps and biceps. Exercises in this challenge will also work chest, shoulder, and core muscles.

What’s Changed: I posted a 30 day Arm Challenge for April 2015 and this month the challenge is a bit different. I have completely removed the burpees. I mostly did my arm challenge either with 3 of my kids in the room or when they were sleeping, either way the burpees were a no go. I have increased the number of repetitions and therefore I also added a mid week rest day.

Weights or No Weights: Well I will be using weights. Last month I switched between 3 or 5 pound weights depending on how difficult a particular movement was for me. Coming up I am going to try and add in 8 pound weights for some of the exercises, we’ll see how that works out. My personal (and totally unqualified) recommendation is that you should listen to your body. Don’t push yourself into an injury. If you are like me you are coming from basically not exercising at all so even if you just use canned goods as a weight that will be great. If you choose to use no weights that is great to. Make sure you look up the correct form for each exercises and focus on doing the exercises correctly.

I have tried to pin images for each exercise listed on my Arm Exercises board on Pinterest so anyone following along can use it as a reference.

The last day of the April Arm Challenge was today, and I did take after photos that I am going to share when it is ready (a few days from now). I do want to encourage anyone reading that I was really able to see results. (Which is why I encourage you to take photos!) I wish I had also taken measurements. My triceps were sagging down a bit, and I was amazed how much that tightened up in just four weeks.

With last months results in mind I am excited to increase my efforts and hopefully also increase my results. Come on May, here we go.

Download Here >>May 2015 Phase II Printable Arm Challenge for Beginners <<Click Link to Download.

This is a pdf file.

Have fun can’t wait to here all about how your challenge goes. Please leave any questions for me in the comments.

Have a great May.

April 2015 Quick and Easy Arm Challenge

Okay, March was a rough month for me as far as fitness is concerned. I have been struggling to get into a fitness routine since we have moved to South Carolina. My husband’s hours are a lot different than they were. Before we moved he would get home early and I would go for a run, and then come home and make dinner. It worked pretty well most of the time.

Now however, that is not possible, but I am hoping with the recent time change I will be able to do a later run when it is still daylight outside. What I would really like to do is figure out a way to workout indoors (or out in the yard) while my husband is at work and I am home taking care of the kids. Also, it would be stellar if it did not interfere with our home school schedule. What can I say? I want it all.

I am trying to gradually get back into a fitness routine and I am starting with a VERY EASY arm challenge.

I caught a glimpse of my arms in the first short sleeve shirt of spring and was a bit embarrassed. I try not to be too self conscious, but it sneaks up on me, you know, every time I pass a mirror.

I digress.

I was looking at arm challenges on Pinterest and something occurred to me. I am a wimp. I am not fit. I could hardly find a single one that I felt confident I would be able to do each day.

So I set forth to create something simple that would workout my biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest, even if just a little. Working on slow and steady progress.

quick and easy  beginner arm challenge preview smartandsavvymom

Here is what I came up with, alternating between 2 sets of exercises every other day. Basically, one set is standing and one set can be done laying down or kneeling. Made sure to include a set of exercises where you didn’t have to lay down, so that I didn’t have that as an excuse.

Starting out with 10 reps of each exercise (except for push ups, because those are more difficult for me) and one burpee to kind of top it off, just for fun.

Did it today and it took less than 5 minutes! Super quick and easy, even my 6 year old daughter played along with me. I admit that I tested a lot of different arm exercises before I settled on these ones so my arms are already sore.

I know that I did not include very many rest days, but this is less than 5 minutes of work so I am hoping that I can do it 6 days a week. I know that sometimes you don’t know how sore you are until you are a few days in to a workout, but I am going for it anyway.

Of course I made it printable so I could have it in front of me while I am working out. I will also add it to Pinterest. (Are you following me on Pinterest yet?) so you can just pull it up very quickly on your phone or wherever you use Pinterest. I made a new board with pics of all the arm exercises listed if you need a visual reference.

The reps will increase as the days go on. I am hoping to do it again next month depending on how it goes, increasing the reps from where this challenge ends. It would be awesome to be able to work up to 20 consecutive push ups, and then who knows, maybe actual full out push ups.

I am interested to see what the result will be, I am not looking for anything drastic, just better than I started. I really would like to just develop some arm strength, although I am able to carry these babies around for a while. My right bicep is on point.

Hope you will play along with me. Here is to a great April!

Download your printable Arm Challenge Here >>April 2015 Arm Challenge Print Here <<



My 10 Favorite Christian Running Songs

Over the summer I started running, it was a rocky (and sometimes painful) start, but I stuck with it and it turns out I love – it a lot. There are so many aspects of running that I enjoy, including having an opportunity to listen to music without interruption. At home I have tried to listen to music at different times throughout the day, but with the kids around it is just too noisy. I play music for the kids during homework time, but I just connect with the music in a different way when I am running.

I always keep one ear bud tucked into my shirt so I can hear traffic or people approaching (or dogs). Still, most often when I run it is quiet and peaceful, and I am focused on my pace, and my form, and the words in the song. When running becomes muscle memory there is time to really hear the words, and I love that. I don’t only listen to Christian music when I am running; my whole playlist is a bit varied. I do, however, really look forward to the songs that praise God; they make me all happy and grateful when I am running. I love getting all in praise mode when I run, then I come home feeling all uplifted. (As well as sweaty and sore)

I am always impressed by my ability to hear the music in a meaningful way while simultaneously running, checking for traffic, and obstacles on the road ahead, keeping my form and my turnover and being mindful of my pace during my intervals.
I know some runners that love to run with no music, just listen to the sound of their feet hitting the ground and their breathing. That’s beautiful and I do that sometimes as well, but I really look forward to listening to music when I run.

10 christian running songs by female artist
Maybe when I run I am all girl power, but I just prefer to listen to all female artist when I run. So on my run list you won’t find any male artist (sorry boys). I try to keep it light; I don’t want to become overcome with emotion when I run (or in public – ever). I also want to be encouraged and inspired, I want to hear words that will give me motivation to keep going. I rotate a lot of songs on and off of my playlist, but these ones have stuck with me. Some songs are newer than others, but really as far as realease dates, they’re all new to me, and good music is definitely timeless, so if you see something you don’t recognize, give it a shot.

In no particular order

  1. The Sun is Rising – Britt Nicole
    Lines that motivate me –
    “You’re gonna make it; you’re gonna make it. The night can only last for so long…there’s a promise for the ones that just hold on”
    • “In the moments you’re so weak you feel like stopping, let the hope you have light the road you’re walking”
  2. Beauty From Pain – Superchick
    Lines that motivate me –
    “After all this is past, I still will remain (because sometimes the run is a struggle)
  3. Not For A Moment (After All) – Meredith Andrews
    Lines that motivate me –
    • “Not for a moment do you forsake me, after all here you are constant, after all, you are only good, after all, you are…
  4. He is With Us – Love & The Outcome
    Lines that motivate me –
    “We can trust our God, he knows what he’s doing, though it might hurt now, we won’t be ruined” (I squeal a little in excitement when this one comes on, can’t help it!)
  5. Sweet, Sweet Sound – Sarah Reeves
    Lines that motivate me –
    “I am an instrument of the living God”
    • “I live to glorify my king”
    • Hear the song of my life; let it be a sweet, sweet sound. ..I raise this anthem high…”
  6. The Broken Beautiful – Ellie Holcomb
    Lines that motivate me –
    • “Your love can take broken things and make them beautiful”
  7. He Knows My Name – Francesca Battistelli
    Lines that motivate me –
    • “I’m not meant to just stay quiet. I’m meant to be a lion, I’ll roar beyond a song with every moment that I’ve got”
  8. You Carry Me – Moriah Peters
    Lines that motivate me –
    “Feels like it’s been miles and miles, feels like it’s an uphill climb. Sometimes I get weary on the way. But when I look back at where I’ve been, when I look back I’m sure of it. I was right there in your arms” (Yes, I always pretend she’s singing specifically about running when she sings that line)
  9. Fireflies – Jessa Anderson
    Lines that motivate me –
    “Caught up in the mystery, I can’t deny; Everything around me, reflects your light”
    “I am running with an empty jar, I’m chasing after your heart”
  10. Who I Am – Blanca
    Lines that motivate me –
    • “I’m running to the one who knows me, who made every part of me in his hands”

So if you’re looking to pretend you are in a music video next time you go running, I think you’ll have some awesome moments with this list.

I can be serious sometimes you guys, but this is just more fun.

Click on the song titles to buy them on Amazon (affiliate links), quite a few of these are free to add to your library if you are an Amazon Prime member, so definitely worth checking out, or of course there is always Spotify.

After a thorough preview on Spotify I try to purchase a few of my favorite songs so I can go ahead and host my private concert on the way to the store to run errands. :) Hope you like something here.
If you’re looking to copy and paste here is a cleaner version of the list
1. The Sun is Rising – Britt Nicole
2. Beauty From Pain – Superchick
3. Not For A Moment (After All) – Meredith Andrews
4. He is With Us – Love & The Outcome
5. Sweet, Sweet Sound – Sarah Reeves
6. The Broken Beautiful – Ellie Holcomb
7. He Knows My Name – Francesca Battistelli
8. You Carry Me – Moriah Peters
9. Fireflies – Jessa Anderson
10. Who I Am – Blanca

I admit that this song list does not appeal much to my husband, he seems to never be in girl power mode when runs. Seriously thought, he is just not as interested in running as I am, (fine with me) but none the less I do need to find some more music by male artist to add to my get fit list so we can share. I think my husband might appreciate a little praise music on his way to work. He has a lengthy ride to work each day, but he is more of a talk radio guy so he’s not likely to come across any songs he likes that way. I guess it is up to me. One day I will have teenagers and they will do things like this for us, right?

Do you ever listen to Christian music when you run? Please feel free to leave your favorite song in the comments I’m always looking for new music to run to!

Modest Workout Outfit

I don’t know how long it will take me to adjust to the ridiculously lovely weather here in South Carolina. There is a part of the mid day here that seems to be eternally warm. So far 2pm around here is just  always fair weather. Of course, as lovely as that is (and it is lovely) I am not able to go running at that time of day.

So I made the investment into a few items that would keep me warm while running on a cool day. I love getting in all my matching running clothes and then going out and getting all sweaty. (too much sharing?) If you’ve never enjoyed running, I encourage you to go again.

You have to get dressed to go out and get fit, so might as well put on something fabulous right?

modest run in purple 2I like color, turquoise and purple, I try to go green and orange when I run, in my desperate hopeful attempts to avoid being hit by a car.

My Saucony running shoes don’t match everything I wear when I workout, but they sure are wonderful on my feet. I try to be as modest as I can when I run, but I like my clothes to fit me a certain way, and that way is tight. I know that isn’t a modest way to be, but I don’t like the feel of the clothes rubbing and flapping around when I am running. I like compression on my calves and tummy, the less things that jiggle the happier this mommy is. (Whoops there I go over sharing again.)

My go to easy modest running solution is a lightweight drawstring skirt from Kohl’s. I bought a couple of these during some crazy deals last year for just $6 each and they have certainly been worth the investment.

modest run in purple smartandsavvyTakes me a while to get going, but once I take those first steps, I could run forever. (or at least 8 miles) Getting something that looks great to workout in, makes it more fun. Cute workout clothes keep me motivated to run. I feel like it is super easy to be modest when you run (some other exercised are a bit trickier). When I’m feeling hot, I just remember how much I love that sweat and that no power on God’s green earth can make me expose the belly that carried 4 children (it’s not that bad you guys) on a public street.

Bonus of having long sleeves is that when I put on my armband it didn’t get so sweaty. Hardest part of going on a run in my neighborhood is running away from my children (who are usually playing outside) and trying to convince them not to run after me. Having to tell them that they cannot go with me breaks my heart too, but once I get about a half mile behind me, I am in my zen place and nothing negative can touch me (unless, of course, I fall haha)

It was still a bit cold in the wind, and as warm and sunny as it appears in this photograph, I could have used something to cover my ears. purple modest fall running out fit, workout styleHoping there is more running in my immediate future, I am grateful for being able to run on the weekends, but I need some week day running in my life! And who doesn’t want to be able to justify buying more fitness apparel?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

Why Should You Run?

I find that some days I cannot wait to go on my run. And then there are those other days. Many days I am having that inner battle. Many days I find myself having to remind myself of the many reasons why I run. There are a lot of great reasons to stick to a fitness plan, but as a wife and mother the number of things awaiting my attention are many and so it is nice to have a little reminder.

Run because - reasons to run smartandsavvymom2I decided to make myself a little list of reasons why I should run. I love this colorful reminder and plan on using it in my day planner where I track my miles. What do you use to motivate yourself to workout?

10 Reasons Why I Started Running

10 reasons to run smartandsavvymom

So I had this crazy idea that I would train to run a 5k. The weather is nice and I want to be out in it, and I have always liked walking, and had walked quite a bit before I found out I was expecting my 4th child. Well my little one is nearing her first birthday, and things are just calm enough around here it seemed like I could find time to be active again.

So I thought I should run. No workout videos where the kids are trying to knock the door down, just me alone with some music and the road ahead of me. But I needed a program or a routine; I didn’t know where to begin. And then came Pinterest. I saw some couch to 5k routines and thought that was for me. I have been running for 6 weeks now and I am hooked.

So here are the top reasons that made me decide to start running. Maybe they will encourage you to start a new workout routine too!


Vanity.  Judge me if you want, but one of the main reasons I was looking for something to try is because I am trying to lose weight. I just want to be thinner, what can I say? I hear running is a great way to change the shape of your body, I’m in.

It is Good For You. Well if you want to lose weight you have to burn calories, right? Why not burn them running?  Plus it gives me more energy, helps me sleep better, help relieve stress and give me a boost in confidence so what’s not to like? (Except of course for the part where it will be sooo hard…)

My friends are doing it. I like to pretend I am unique, but when I see my friend posting about running on facebook, I am dying to be just like them! They have inspired me to try; I know I won’t be running a marathon this summer, but maybe a 5k? If you’re friends aren’t running maybe find an online running community.

I’m a statistic junky. I love all these new-fangled apps they have out now that can record all the stats of your workout and then share it with your friends who use the same app. I love being able to track my progress and compare my workouts and see if I’m improving or not. I’m just into it. Being able to beat my last time or run further than my last workout or just improve my pace is a huge motivator for me.

It’s free. You know this mommy likes a good deal, and I prefer to be out in the sunshine rather than cooped up in the gym. I have always been a bit put off by the travel time involved with going to the gym. Running is great cause I can go just about anywhere or just step right outside my front door and be running within moments. (Unless, of course it is raining…)

Go as Fast or as Slow as You Need to. I like that you can go at your own pace. You don’t have to worry that you are not running as fast as the person on the treadmill next to you. You are competing with yourself and your best time/pace etc. Just slowly watch yourself get stronger.

An Achievable Goal. Running for 3 miles is no joke, but I truly felt like a 5k was an achievable goal. I wanted to start something I knew I could finish so that I could have the satisfaction that comes along with achieving your goals.

Needed 30 minutes of activity to go with my Detox. Step 4 of Dr. Hyman’s 10 day diet detox, which II tried a few weeks ago (read about it here) required 30 minutes of activity a day. I think for the whole 10 days I only did the 30 minutes of activity once, but it got me thinking.

It’s Peaceful. For the most part at least. Of course it is difficult at times, but the type of difficult that you are proud of. I love listening to encouraging music while I am out, it lifts my spirits and my mood and keeps me going sometimes when I’m feeling like I have no idea why I’m doing this

Encouragement to my Family. My kids love that mommy runs. They like to help by gathering my things together or making me a bottle of water and leaving on the mail box (and I feel so loved when they do). They are always asking me now if I will take them for a walk, and I hope that I am always encouraging them to do good things by example.

Honestly now that I have been running for a few weeks all I can think about is what I will do when it is cold outside. An indoor track? The treadmill? Run outside in the cold?!! I don’t know if I could just stop running for weeks at a time.

Do you run? Zumba, Pilates, Yoga? What made you start or stick with it?

Update on My Get Moving Challenge

See my Original Challenge Post HERE

Okay so I started doing this challenge on Nov. 2nd so we are just about half way through my challenge which I am sad to admit is not going as successfully as I had hoped. I am staying positive though because while I did not turn into some amazing fit mom overnight, I do feel like things are moving in a positive direction. And according to my scale I lost 4 lbs although I don’t see it as much in the mirror.

1. Weigh In Daily – This was a pretty easy one to get done, I just get up and do it early in the morning (also great time to fit in about 15 minutes of yoga)

2. Cardio Workout Five Times per Week. haha – more like five times total. I am working on this still

3. 7,000 steps per day. – Well this just is harder than I thought, I almost never leave the house without the kiddos and when they are with me it is all about getting back home as fast as possible. I got over 7,000 steps in about 6 of the 14 days otherwise between 3k and 5k

4. Go for a Walk or Run Every Day – Those 5 days with the 7k steps, that was it, might have to scale back on this goal for the next challenge

5. & 6. Lower Body or Upper Body Strength Exercises. – This is easier than I expected it would be. I can do some pretty creative things with just a few minutes and a limited amount of space and supplies

7. Core Exercises – Well my core is pretty well useless after all these kids. At one point I was in so much pain I thought I was suffering some type of infection, but after some qt on web md I figured out I was just extremely sore after some very effective exercises.

8. Yoga – Love this part of the challenge. Been doing pretty well with this and my daughter sometimes does it with me (if she is awake) I love yoga and am glad to get back to it. Now to master that pesky v pose.

9. Lunges & Push Ups. Wow so it has been a long time since I have done lunges. I like to do the walking ones since I think I can feel those more, but this is tough, doing these til “muscle failure” 3 times a week and it does hurt less now. Push ups… I have only done once or twice  :(

10. Reading – I have surprisingly gotten in some reading. Mostly I have been doing research on effective ways to do strength exercises from home with out having to purchase anything additional.

Well that’s it for now. I am going to make sure these last 16 days go better than the last 14 days. Some success some not so much but I am definitely moving more than I was. I am keeping a chart so I can track my progress, hopefully I can share that with you when this is all done.