Upcycled/Repurposed Canisters!

Well, I have been needing to find something to store all the manipulatives I have for home school. I have so many tiny things to count, and the wipes containers are wonderful but I recently switched to all open shelving in our school room so I wanted to do something that was going to look great on the shelf.

I had a collection of these zeal canisters laying around and I had bought some contact paper for another project so I decided to get crafty and I am so happy with the result.

So here is how it turned out

before and after upcycled, recycled, repurposed, canistersI was pretty pleased with myself, and it was pretty easy.

I love the way they look in the school room at my house, and they keep all those little coins and things up high and out of the way and they look gorg’!

So if you want to make your own here’s what I used

1. Three empty zeal canisters (any kind should work, provided that they are relatively round)

2. Teal Contact Paper (no longer available but they have some cute teal chevron paper) I had on hand from Amazon. Also had This Grey Contact paper

3. These chalkboard labels from Target

The whole process is pretty simple.

1. Use scissors to cut the label off your canister, wash and make sure to let dry completely.canisters with lables removed

2. Next, I wrapped the contact paper around the canister and made a mark to cut it to the appropriate length, be sure to give yourself a little lee way you can always cut off the extra overlapping edge.

3. Your contact paper strip will be too tall, so measure again to cut it to the appropriate height. I gave myself a little extra height on this cut as well.

I had a pretty difficult time getting it on exactly straight, but it still looked just fine.

4. 201501071828657980There was a lip on this jar where the label had formerly been. I used a craft knife to cut off the excess that was above or below that line. I first ran my fingernail along the edge which made a slight mark in the paper that was then easy to follow with my knife.

5. Add the labels and voila. Who doesn’t love contact paper?


Ended up looking like this:

after upcycled zeal canistersI’ll just enjoy this memory of them, as I am sure that some day in the near future, my favorite 3 year old will descend on these with her particular brand of destruction.

Enjoying getting more organized in the new year. Hope everyone is having a great 2015 :)

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