10 Day Diet Detox
My Results

smartandsavvymom.com 10 day diet detox results

Left: Day 0 (day before I started detox) Right: Day 10

Can I tell you that I did not think that this was going to work?! My sister and brother-in-law had amazing results, but I’m always very skeptical of this sort of thing. Plus, I was not able to stick as close to the plan as I would have liked.

But on day 10 I was shocked to see that I had lost 10 whole pounds and an inch around my chest and waist! I felt great, I was not starving, and best of all I could see the difference in the mirror and the way that my clothes fit me.

As far as what I was eating I kept pretty close to Step 2: Out with the Bad, however Step 4: Add Simple Life Practices was all but lost on me. Still every morning the scale said I weighed less than the day before. I can’t believe it but I am anxious to try it again and see if I stick closer to the plan what kind of results I might have.

Having the Detox Smoothie in the morning was a little pricey and time consuming, but now I’ve been making it most mornings for 2 weeks and it is no big deal. I just drink it while I feed the baby her bottle and make the kids breakfast. I also drank a zeal wellness vitamin drink (which does have caffeine in it, but like I said I didn’t stick to it 100%) and that kept me full most of the day. I don’t recommend it, but a couple days I didn’t even eat lunch because I was just full.

We (My husband did the detox with me and lost 12 pounds!) tried to cook the meals that were listed in Dr. Hyman’s book for the most part. We made shish ka bobs 3 nights and twice we had unwiches from Jimmy John’s (gasp!). We also tried deviled eggs from and chicken soup and everything was delicious.

Overall, I liked the detox. It is not something I could do for a very long time, I need bread and chocolate in my life. If you are at a plateau in your weight loss this is definitely worth trying!

Have a great week!

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10 Day Diet Detox
My Results

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