Earn Money From Home with Swagbucks.com

Alright I am a big fan of Swagbucks.com  and if you haven’t I encourage you to check it out. Like most earn from home sites you are not going to get rich quick, but you can quickly earn a few extra dollars in the form of Amazon gift cards or paypal or another gift card of your choosing.

How it Works:

Swagbucks is a “search and win” site. This means you can win points by using their search engine. Basically they are advertising to you and in exchange they are sharing a small part of the profits with you. Usually it translates to less than a penny a point, but if you are diligent than it can really add up.

So through various activities you perform you can earn points and you can trade the points in for prizes. Preferably paypal or my favorite amazon gift cards. For as little as $5 for 450 points.

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How to Earn Points.

There are at least 14 ways to earn points on Swagbucks I will share the highlights with you.
Searching through the Swagbucks Search Engine – Pretty self explanatory. Win up to 3 times a day usually around 10 points at a time. Don’t forget to search on Mega Swag Bucks Friday for the chance to win up to 50 points just for searching.

Watching Swagbucks TV – Watch videos offered through the special Swagbucks TV page, you can earn 3 points for every 10 videos (as long as you watch at least one minute of each video) for up to 150 points per day.

Swagbucks TV Mobile on your smartphone – A lot like swagbucks TV only for your smart phone or mobile device. Download the app and earn points. Earn points a bit faster and max out at just 50 swagbucks so don’t worry about having to spend you whole day on it. Goes by in a flash.

Tasks – Do various task as described usually very little return on your time investment, however if you have some time to spend in front of the computer they are worth looking into. Sometimes if I have a specific points goal I will use these. I like that there is no limit to how much you can earn here.

Special Offers – Check these daily. There are a lot of quick videos and easy things to do to earn points in this section. There are also a lot of offers that you can pay for that will earn you points like signing up for auto insurance or Netflix.

Daily Activities & Games – There are up to 10 points per day available for games but it is kind of random when they give them to you 2 points at a time. There are alos NOSO which are offers you can kind of click through once you get to the end you get 1 or 2 points, plus polls you can answer once a day for 1 point. These are quick and painless and easy to do every day in just seconds.

Surveys – Pretty straight forward. Take a survey, if you qualify and complete the survey you can earn as many as 250 points.

Printable Coupons – Swagbucks has it set up so that you can print coupons usually the same ones you see on coupons.com through their site, use them and you can earn 10 points per coupon. Takes a while for these to show up, but a lot of people do it with great success.

There is also Shop and Earn (Earn a preset amount of point for each dollar spent at participating stores when you shop through the Swagbucks link), Trade in (send in your old electronics for points) and Daily Deals which looks like a mix of shop and earn and special offers. I haven’t tried it, but if you like groupon or eversave you can buy some of their offers through these links for more points.

Referrals – send your friends your link to sign up for swagbucks under you and you can earn up to 1,000 points when swagbucks matches their first 1,000 search and win points.

Get Gift Cards!

After that it is pretty simple. Spend, spend spend! Take you points and spend them on gift cards! (or electronics or baseball cards if that is your thing.) Orders are usually filled within 10 days. You can easily earn $20 a month and if you really wanted to work on it I would say as an individual you can earn as much as $60 a month. If you have referrals the sky is the limit.

Click here to visit Swagbucks and sign up today!

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